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Welcome to our Cats Rehoming Page

If you wish to express an interest in rehoming any of our animals, please call during 9am and 6pm.  Calls outside of these times will not be answered.

Female (pending neutering), 2 years old
Wormed, flea treated and microchipped

My name is Tiffany and I was abandoned un-spayed and I ended up pregnant. When it was time for me to have my babies there was no where safe enough, so I got into a pushchair in someones garden. I had two kittens and then some people arrived from The Animal House and took me and my babies back to the rescue where I had two more. I am a good mum and my little ones are now 5 weeks. They say I will have an operation when they are old enough to leave me so I can't have any more. Phew these were hard work and much as I luvs them I do not want any more babies. I just want to be loved and cuddled and be someone elses furbaby for ever. If you think you could offer me my furever home when I'm ready in a few weeks time please contact the rescue.

Donation £50

Female 8 weeks old
Flea Treated & Wormed

Heeey, I dont have a name yet as I am waiting for my furever family to give me one. My mummys name is Angel and she is beautiful just like me :) I am playful and funny and like kisses and cuddles. I would love a home where someone is available when I needs a squeeze (gently of course) As I need the company of another puddytat and would happily have my brother live with me as we are best buddies and I luvs him loads. Dats my bruver in the other pic...hes very handsome.
Please if you can offer us a furever home together contact the rescue.
Adoption fee £45 or £75 pair

8 week old male
Wormed and flea treated

Hi Hi Hi :) I am looking for my furever home, I don't have a name yet I need my new furever family to give me a super dooper name to fit my personality because I'm a really cheeky chappie and can't wait to meet that someone special to play with me and give me lots of cuddles. I would love to have my sister live with me so you can have double the trouble....err I mean double the fun and laughs hehehe. We love to play together and as we are babies we needs the company.....oh and lots of toys and nice foods and a comfy bed to curl up in after a hard days play. If you think you would like to adopt us ...thats my sis in the other photo....please contact the rescue.

Adoption fee £45 or £75 pair. 

Tabby Tortie, female, 1 year old approx
Wormed, flea treated, microchipped

Hi, my name is Angel and I really live up to my name. I am a happy and very fussy girl who loves love cuddles and attention. I would love to be a lap cat and just be with you. We can watch tv together and you can play with me as I like to chase my toys. I have had a pretty bad start being abandoned at an early age and lived in an elderly couples garden... they made me a lovely warm house and fed me loads but their own cats didn't get on with me at all. Then I got pregnant and they asked the rescue for help as they didn't want my kittens born outside and to end up like me.
I can not be rehomed until I have an operation so I can't have any more babies, which is OK by me by the way as I am only a younster myself and want a better life now my babies are old enough for their furever homes. I will be popping off to the vets really soon.
If you would like to adopt me and make my life complete please contact the rescue.

Adoption fee £50

Ginger/white, neutered female, approx 5 months old.
Wormed, flea treated, neutered, hernia repair and microchipped

Hey, hey, hey, my names Chica and I am a lovely active playful girl who is into everything and like nothing better than to play with my toys and play chase round the house. I am super friendly and very cheeky. Are you at home a lot so you can keep me entertained? I am only a baby and I would love my furever home to come along quickly so I can start my new life. 

Being abandoned really sucks and I just want to be in a family where love and cuddles are on tap and a comfy bed to lay my head when I'm all tuckered out. I'm having to take things easy at the moment as I have a poorly tummy, They said I wasn't to have babies and I had something called a hernia which had to be repaired at the same time as the spay thingy. My foster mum shouts take things easy but although I try its very hard when I see something to chase lol.

Adoption fee £50.00

Special homes needed for our Birmingham China Town Cats

A few weeks ago we had a call out to a sick cat. When we picked it up we found that all its feet were badly swollen and, indeed, the cat was seriously ill. We did all we could for this baby but sadly the cat didn't make it. The cat was chipped to a lady who lived in the centre of Birmingham near to The Arcadian. After we traced the chip we spoke to another lady who said the woman who owned the cat had gone back to China allegedly leaving the cats behind to fend for themselves. Then we got a phone call to trap a black cat that had got into a car showroom and was living in the loft area and no-one could get near to get it out.

Happy, as he is called (according to his chip), was scanned and imagine our surprise when the owner came back on the chip as the same owner as the first cat. Then we had another call from someone who had managed to catch an emaciated Tabby dragging itself with its back leg not working. This baby is in really bad shape and has a possible heart murmur that may or may not be down to the malnutrition and dehydration. She is now safely with us but at some point she is going to have to have the leg amputated as it is so deformed probably due to an untreated injury. Her name is Tiger - yes you guess it - same owner registered on the chip as the first two.

The vets they are all registered with have said that they had nine on their books belonging to the same woman. Today we picked up another two bringing the total that we have had to FIVE. The lady we had spoken to originally said that two had possibly been killed on the road which means, potentially, there are another two out there still.

The Animal House Rescue is now at saturation point. we have no room to take any more cats until we have rehomed some.

Please contact their foster mummy if you can offer Happy or Lucy loving homes.
All neutered, microchipped, wormed and flea treated 

For more details telephone Lyn on 07929 385027 
My name is Happy and I really am a happy boy but I am a little shy. I lived on my own for so long I forgot what being loved was all about. After staying at the rescue I am heaps better but still a little wary. I would benefit from having one of my fur family with me to give me more confidence, ideally Tiger or Lily and once I settle I will be a slave to pleasure and fusses.

I just need a calm environment and someone with patience to give me a chance to shine, who will understand my needs. Please can you offer me a stable loving home with a furry friend.

Adoption Fee £50 or £70 if rehoming a pair from this cat family.
Hello, Lucy is my name and I am in the market for a new abode. Must have a loving family attached that will pander to my every need. Also willing to give hugs and fusses at a moments notice and to help me exercise and play with my toys and to keep me occupied when I have a bored moment.

My new home must have comfy sofas and chairs and a soft squidgy bed for relaxing in, and a sunny windowsill for chilling. 
I can be an only kitty or I could live with one of my fur family.

Adoption Fee £50 or £70 if rehoming a pair from this cat family.

More Cats In Need of Loving Homes


Male 2 years old

Castrated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated

Heey I'm Buddy and I think you need me in your life lol. Black cats are lucky and I'm just waiting to bring that luck to you. Although I am a bit shy when first meeting, once I get to know you I'm a doozer, full of love and fussiness and always ready for lurve. Can you offer me a forever home where you will be my own personal slave?  I assure you that you will never regret it and I will always be there to greet you when you come home.

For more details telephone Lyn on 07929 385027


Merlin & Alice

Merlin is 8 months old neutered, microchipped, wormed and flea treated
Alice is 8 months old, spayed, microchipped, wormed and flea treated

My name is Merlin and I am a bit of a shy boy. I am in love with Alice and we need to be re-homed together. I need a little time to get to know you but I am fine once settled. We like to play and just need a family with a little patience to allow us to come out of ourselves a bit more and shine.

Hello, my name is Alice and I am bonded with Merlin. We would love a home where we can be together and learn what love is all about with people. We are a little shy but all we need is a little time to settle in and we will blossom. Is there anyone out there that would take a chance on us? We love our home comforts and don't ask for much, just a comfy bed and a warm fire or radiator and gentle cuddles.

For more details telephone Lyn on 07929 385027

£110 the pair

Scrapyard Sue

Female 2 years old. 

Spayed, microchipped, wormed and flea treated

My name is Sue, I was found in a scrapyard, and before being rescued I unfortunately had loads of kittens but I was a good mum. When I was worried about how I was going to cope with another baby and an older one to keep an eye on I prayed for help to keep them safe and my prayers were answered.  Some people came from The Animal House, they are a rescue you know, and they found my girl Clio and put her in a safe box. They searched for my baby and I showed them he was in a scrap car hidden in the footwell. We went to the rescue and it was fab. Food on tap and warm soft beds. We had stinky stuff put on to get rid of any critters hitching a ride on us and tablets to kill wormy things inside. We all blossomed.  Now I am done with being a mum (I had an op to stop it all happening again) and I am so relaxed now. All I want is a furever home where I can show you how much love I have to give. I wouldn't mind either being an only cat or if you feel you have enough love for two cats my daughter is looking for a home too - I don't mind sharing.

For more details telephone Lyn on 07929 385027



Female 18 months old. 

Spayed, microchipped, wormed and flea treated

Hi, my name is Clio and I am a lucky girl. I was rescue with my mum and little brother (from another father). I wasn't supposed to stay as I was classed as feral and so I had an op to stop me from having babies and was ear tipped so I could back to the scrap yard where I lived. The rescue people are convinced I pulled a fast one - yup I knew which side my bread was buttered and after recovering from my op I decided this was a lot better here than a cold smelly dirty yard and I became all sweetness and light and a real fusspot. Once I get to know you (I can be a little shy at first) I love to be stroked and tickled and would love a home of my own or with my mum Scrapyard Sue.

For more details telephone Lyn on 07929 385027