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Welcome to our Cats Rehoming Page

If you wish to express an interest in rehoming any of our animals,
 please complete the Adoption Enquiry Form
 If you wish to call us, please do so, but only during 9am and 6pm.  
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Lionel, male, approx 4-5yrs
Neutered, flea treated & wormed

Hi, my name is Lionel and I am looking for a home where I can be Lord of the Manor...Thinking about it my name should be Flippin Lucky, but I like Lionel better. Let me explain. I was living rough when a kind man started feeding me and fussing me so I moved into his garden we got on well but I couldn't live in ...we would spend time together in the garden and I would try and help with the gardening, seems them different coloured things ain't weeds! Anyways this one day my friend built a bonfire and and a few days later lit it, I came to see what was going on and he picked me up so I didn't get too near the fire. Seems some muppet (not my friend) had thrown an aerosol in there and it went bang big ways and we were both engufed in flames. It was scarey and my friend lost hair and eyebrows and got burned and I got badly singed too and a few burns.
We have both recovered and my friend said for my safety I need a better home than living out, so here I am, friendly out going boy who likes his comforts but would like to be able to sunbathe in the garden if I want (weather permitting) and when its cold a comfy bed and a warm radiator to cuddle up by, if you think you can offer me a loving home please complete the adoption enquiry form.  # busy growing my whiskers back!

Adoption fee £65 

Basil, male, 1 year
Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated and wormed

Hey, Basil here saying hello and asking if there's anyone out there willing to give me a chance to shine. I'm a bit shy until I get to know you and need a little patience and time to come out of my shell with you. I am happy to have ear scratches and gentle loves and settle easily but I can be a little jumpy with sudden movements. Gentle coaxing and plenty of play time with you and I'll soon be your very bestest friend. I would like someone around a lot of the time so you can be there for me so I don't forget what I have learned.

No children under 12 as I need a relaxed home so I can grow in confidence.

I like my toys and I lurve my food...one way to get to my heart is through my tummy lol. If you have a little spare time to help me out please complete the adoption enquiry form above.

Adoption fee £65

Rose, female, 5 years 
Spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated and wormed

Hi my name is English Rose but you can call me Rose for short. I am looking for my furever home with a family that are around quite a bit because I am very huggley and snuggley and want a lot of attention. I love nothing better than to sit on your lap watch TV with you and give kisses. I have a big heart so have plenty of love to go around. I am OK with other cats and sensible dogs. If you could offer me a warm comfy bed this girls engine will be permanently running with purrs for everyone. Please complete the adoption enquiry form above if you can offer Rose her forever home.

Adoption fee £65

Sweet Pea, female, 3 years
Spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated and wormed

Hey, I'm Sweet Pea and I am in need of a new home to call my own. I am a happy go lucky girl who just wants to be loved. I love cuddle time and will happily sit on your lap and have lots of fusses. I Like other cats, laid back dogs and older kids...as long as they want cuddles too ( the more hoooman slaves the better I like it). I am not a fussy eater and love my food and the odd treat. A soft bed and toys for me to play with is a must and in return I will give lots of tickly whisker kisses. If you think I am the cat for you please complete the adoption enquiry form above

Adoption fee £65

Mr Miesha, male, 5 months old
Neutered, microchipped, 1st part vaccinated, flea treated and wormed.

Mr Miesha....male, tabby and white, 5 months old, Neutered, chipped, 1st vacc, wormed, de-flead
Hey my name is Mr Miesha and I am looking for my furever home, I am a little shy so need someone with patience to show me I can be confident and not be so jumpy. I am very playful and energetic and love to play zoomies around the room, I am quite bold when I'm doing my own thing but if there's a suddenmovement or noise I will quickly retreat to a safe distance until I'm calm again. I love to watch what's going on and will happily people watch from my lookout point and I am cat friendly too. I just need a little time to settle and someone who will work with me. If you think you could be that person and would like a furry speedster in your life please complete the adoption enquiry form above.
Donation required

Lennox & Ronda
Neutered Male and Spayed Female, 5 months old
Microchipped, 1st part vaccine, flea treated & wormed

Hi, I'm Ronda and this is my brother Lennox. We are a bonded pair so need to stay together.

We need a quiet home with people that understand shy cats and who are willing to work with me especially so I can learn to relax and trust people.  We came from feral beginnings, born outside with no human contact so although we were very nervous around humans we are both cat friendly.  I will need lots of time and patience spent on me but we both have come on in leaps and bounds since we were caught and neutered. I am very shy of people, and at the moment and don't trust enough to come to you for fusses yet, but you can pick me up even though I will shy away I won't bite or scratch. I hide behind my brother as he has way more confidence than I do, I will play with him and chase him round as he's soooo laid back and dizzy lol. I will learn from him that its not so scary living inside around humans. My brother Lennox is silly and loves to cuddle and lie on his back in your arms and is crazy about ping pong balls, he does snuffle a bit but the vet says its from the cat flu we had, and it may be permanent although we are cat flu clear now and have been for a while.  We need to be indoor cats at least until we are confident with people and could even live permanently indoors. Please if you have time to work with us and would like to offer us our furever home together please complete the adoption enquiry form above.

Donation required

EMIO - male, 2 years
Neutered, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Hi my name is Emio and I am looking for a special furever home. I need someone who will give me their undivided attention and lots of cuddles and tummy tickles. I get on well with other laid back cats but I am really scared of dogs so a dog free home is a must. I am not a fussy eater but a bit of chicken as a treat definitely needs to be on the menu. I love to curl up in a warm spot and I am learning to play with toys. If you think I may be the cat for you, please contact the rescue by completing the adoption enquiry form above.

Adoption fee.........£55

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