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Dogs for Adoption

Updated 20.07.18

If you wish to express an interest in rehoming any of our animals,
 please complete the Adoption Enquiry Form
 If you wish to call us, please do so, but only during 9am and 6pm.  
Calls outside of these times will not be answered.


MILO - Neutered Male, 8 months old
Vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated and wormed

Hey, hey, hey guys...Milo here ready and waiting for my furever home...Its got to be an active one with people around most of the time. I'm a bit shy of quick moves and like to get to know you but once I do, its munchies and wet nose kisses all the way.

I'm a dizzy lil guy who likes nothing better than to play and lots of walks, I like to mooch in the hedges and sniff flowers and I have a lot of energy so another dog would be great to play with and to teach me some doggie etiquette as I am still a pup so all of this is very new to me.

Older children a must as I can be a little nervous around small children and definitely someone that loves the outdoor life. I'm certainly not your chill and relax snoozey furbaby. Although I do need a few good power naps to recharge my batteries.

I knew very little when I arrived at the rescue and I have been learning lots, I'm a very intelligent lad so willing to learn. So if you would like a pal to keep you company and are willing for us to go on adventures together please complete in the adoption enquiry form above.

Adoption Fee £185

RESERVED Frankie, Akita, 18 months old
Spayed female, microchipped, flea treated and wormed

Hi my name is Frankie and I am looking for a knowledgeable experienced Akita furever home. I came to the rescue after having emergency surgery to deliver my pups. I didn't understand what was going on and was a bit possessive of my pups and my specially built nursery, but over time I learned that my foster mum's were only there to help and encourage me and anyway I was far to busy to worry as I had my beautiful babies to rear and believe me with a litter of Akita pups you have to have eyes in the back of your head and try and get plenty of rest.... kids eh? I must say I have done a brilliant job and all pups are bouncingly healthy but I'm not sad that I won't be having any more because while they were in there getting the kids out they made sure that I wouldn't be getting pregnant again.

I love my walks but do need someone sensible on the end of the lead and my recall is also quite good. I also love to play with my squeaky ball and have become a bit of a goof ball and find things funny that not everyone would.
I am good with all sized dogs but maybe medium to large breed dogs would be better so we can play properly with out me accidentally squishing a friend although I'm not so good with cats and like to chase them and birds.
I'm rather good with kids too although of course no smalls because I'd like a hooman brother or sister that I can interact with not get a sticky finger in the eye or up my nose lol. 

Sooooooooo if you would like to offer me a comfy bed and lots of love and cuddles please complete the adoption enquiry form above.

Adoption Fee £ 195


16.03.18 REMUS
Male NEUTERED, 5 years old
Vaccinated, Microchipped, Wormed & Flea Treated 

We are looking for a special home for Remus.

Remus is a very much loved family dog but due to the owners daughters health issues his owner have made the heart breaking decision to let him find a furever home where he will be loved and cherished as much as they do.

We are looking for a home for him with someone who has knowledge, understanding and experience of this breed.
This breed are extremely loyal and intelligent so we would have to integrate him over time, therefore it will be a phased transition not just a handover as we don’t want the risk of Remus being unhappy and stressed.
We will let him tell you a bit about himself......

Hi guys my name is Remus and I need a furever home. I am an extremely soft, daft, good natured and affectionate boy. I have been cogitating and I think my ideal home would be with a single or couple who have older respectful children and who are very active. I do have high energy levels so I do need more than a walk around the block, I need a place I can free run safely and people who will work my brain. I also need a decent sized garden to play tag in and throw my toys about.
I am also super intelligent and learn things very quickly, I walk well on lead, I can do sit, down, wait and leave things on command, and I have good recall in fact I'm a really clever boy.

I am sensitive to harsh corrections, so I would want someone that will be firm fair and consistent with me but I do love to work for treats (positive reinforcement techniques such as play, praise and food rewards).

At home I need to feel a part of the family, I will follow you around the house this makes me feel a important member of the family. I will wake you up in the mornings with kisses and hugs.

I am an alpha male and like to strut my stuff but I will happily play with other dogs if introduced properly.

Sooooo thats about it really, I could sit here all day telling you what a great dog I am and what a faithful companion I will be but I guess you have to go do things...but while you are doing those things, have a think about me and if you think you can offer me what I need please complete the adoption enquiry form above.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really do appreciate it

Adoption fee....... £195

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