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Daisy Update 15.10.18
Looking much better now

Hi, my name is Daisy. I'm 14 years old – yes, I'm an old gal who has not had the best of lives and I was in a pretty poorly state when I was handed into the PDSA by a member of the public who found me.

My body was sooo sore, my whole body was bruised, swollen and I had maggots crawling in my wounds. I could not walk as I was in so much pain, so stiff I couldnt move and I just wanted it all to stop.

The Animal House rescue stepped in to help me and I was rushed off to their vets and for a while there it was touch and go, even the vets thought I would never recover from the horrific bite wounds but a lovely lady from the rescue (I call her my Angel) looked at me and I showed her I wasn't ready to give in yet, she saw hope in my eyes and knew I had the will to live.

I was put on some super-duper strong medicines which made me all fuzzy-wuzzy, but they helped me and every day I got stronger and stronger as they were all sooooo lovely to me. My Angel was right - I did want to live.

It has taken such a long time for me to heal and be able to move again but today I am pampered and I am loved. So, here I am today in a foster home. I have my very own bed and a fur brother and sister who look after me, my bruises are going, my heart is healing and my coat is starting to grow as I get back rubs twice a day with some funny foam spray to help my skin. I love it as I have my own hoomum slave, but ssshhh don't tell her I said that.

Oh yeah, and guess what… yes I'm a chatterbox Haha! I am also going to the park now and have made some new friends. I'm not as fit or as slim as them but my foster mummy says that's ok as I'm curvaceous and the boys love the curves so I should wiggle that bum with pride! She is funny and makes me blush. Oh, and she says if I keep burning calories (not sure how when I'm only given carrots for treats), I'll soon have a beach body… which is strange as there's only a pond by her house.

Anyway I've got to go – the sun's shining so I'm off to catch some rays.....Oooohh, this is the life! “Retirement” I think they call it but hey-ho, whatever it is it feels good.

Speak soon!
Love and licks,
Daisy xx