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Dogs for Adoption

Update 08.12.18


29.11.18  EDDIE, Chihuahua, 8 years old
Neutered, microchipped, 1st part vaccinated, wormed & flea treated

Guys! Guys! Eddie here, or Steady Eddie as they call me here because....well that's what I am. I do everything at my own pace. I love my walks although it may take a while as I have to investigate every smell and sound. You will need a totally escape proof garden as I'm a master of the disappearing trick if you don't watch me.

Although I am on the go all the time I do have a bit of a dicky ticker...I have a grade 4 heart murmur, It's not causing any problems at the moment and I have had it a fair time now. I also do everything the other dogs do in my foster home with no effect .....but it may cause a problem later on in life.....

I would of course need a comfy bed by a radiator as I love being toastie warm and a tummy tickle when you walk by. I am a right cuddle bum and love to sit on your lap or your chest and have lots of tickly whisker kisses and if you move I move. I'm a very loving cheeky little sausage.  I do a wicked Elvis impression uhh huh huh yes I do lol my lip has a mind of its own and even more impressive I can do both sides and some times a double whammy but then I look like an upside down vampire .... still darn cute though... cuz "I'm nuthin' but a hound dog" ROFL

So if you think you could offer me a super furever home please fill in the application to adopt form here.....

Adoption fee: £185


29.11.18 - LACEY Spaniel Cross, 5 months old
Microchipped, wormed & flea treated (Will be spayed)

Hi my name is Lacey and I am looking for my purfect furever home. I am only 5 months old and still a fun bouncy puppy dog full of love and adoration for my hoooman friends..... Will you be my friend? I promise my heart is full to bursting and wanting to share.
I am good with sensible cats and dogs and like older (over eight years) kids who will play with me. I would even like to have a doggie brother or sister to play with and plenty of toys because I can keep myself occupied too.
I need an active home with someone there most of the day, a comfy warm place to lay my head and plenty of wet nose kisses.

I am quite a calm pup in between play times but as I'm 1/2 spaniel I would benefit from training classes to work my mind as well as my body, so if you think you might fit my requirements please fill in the application to adopt from here.....................

Adoption Fee: £185


26.11.18  - ROLO, Jackapoo 10 months old
Neutered, 1st part vaccine, microchipped, flea treated & wormed 

Hey, hey, heyyyy guys its me Rolo and I'm very pleased to meet you.
I'm a crazy lil dude whose job in life is to play and give super dooper love, cuddles and wet nose kisses.
I love to play, doing zoomies is best and having toys to throw around is a must.
I would suit an active family who love to walk and go places and have someone around most of the day but no children under 8 as I'm a bit of a whirl wind when playing.
When I came to the rescue I was matted to the skin, smelled horrible and was a very skinny lad, I had a hair cut a bath and some really good food and I felt a lot better, but I had been taught nothing, so when I got told NO the first time, I can tell you it was a bit of a shock and I didn't like it. GRRRRRR Why can't I do these things? I bugged the dogs, a chihuahua honked my nose :O I bugged the cats and I got thumped on my head......now I understand why I can't do certain things and I know NO means NO (ok I do forget sometimes, but I'm working really hard on the training I missed out on when I was a baby) I have to say I'm still a work in progress and will need someone who won't let me get away with too much and who is willing to do some training with me. I'm going to blow my own trumpet here and say I'm a very intelligent lad and very willing to learn. So if you think you would like this slightly nutz boy in your life please fill in the application to adopt form here.............

31.10.18 - Betty will be available for adoption soon!

11.11.18 Tia - Available Soon

11.11.18 KIYA available soon

Big Momma
Not Available for Adoption at Present


Big Momma

This poor girl used as a baby making machine and then discarded, has quite a few medical issues going on. She has zero tear duct reflex, a bad skin condition, an on going ear infection and when shes well enough needs spaying. Mo wants nothing more than to be loved and this she is getting in buckets.


16.03.18 REMUS
Male NEUTERED, 5 years old
Vaccinated, Microchipped, Wormed & Flea Treated 

We are looking for a special home for Remus.

Remus is a very much loved family dog but due to the owners daughters health issues his owner have made the heart breaking decision to let him find a furever home where he will be loved and cherished as much as they do.

We are looking for a home for him with someone who has knowledge, understanding and experience of this breed.
This breed are extremely loyal and intelligent so we would have to integrate him over time, therefore it will be a phased transition not just a handover as we don’t want the risk of Remus being unhappy and stressed.
We will let him tell you a bit about himself......

Hi guys my name is Remus and I need a furever home. I am an extremely soft, daft, good natured and affectionate boy. I have been cogitating and I think my ideal home would be with a single or couple who have older respectful children and who are very active. I do have high energy levels so I do need more than a walk around the block, I need a place I can free run safely and people who will work my brain. I also need a decent sized garden to play tag in and throw my toys about.
I am also super intelligent and learn things very quickly, I walk well on lead, I can do sit, down, wait and leave things on command, and I have good recall in fact I'm a really clever boy.

I am sensitive to harsh corrections, so I would want someone that will be firm fair and consistent with me but I do love to work for treats (positive reinforcement techniques such as play, praise and food rewards).

At home I need to feel a part of the family, I will follow you around the house this makes me feel a important member of the family. I will wake you up in the mornings with kisses and hugs.

I am an alpha male and like to strut my stuff but I will happily play with other dogs if introduced properly.

Sooooo thats about it really, I could sit here all day telling you what a great dog I am and what a faithful companion I will be but I guess you have to go do things...but while you are doing those things, have a think about me and if you think you can offer me what I need please complete the adoption enquiry form above.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really do appreciate it

Adoption fee....... £195