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Updated 20.02.19


Hi my name is Ella and I am in need of either a foster home or a foster with a view to adopt.

Although I am quite a big girl I think I'm a lap dog lol and I'm always up for a cuddle. I'm quite a darling and a bit of a clown and as daft as a brush but sooooooo loveable lol, I have come on in leaps and bounds since I came into rescue and my foster mum has worked really hard with me as I did have some hang ups but they are all sorted now :D
I love kids as long as they are sensible and I am OK with dogs too as long as introduced properly.

You will have to have a big sofa as I do like to stretch out to have a kip after my walks, which I love. I walk well on a lead and when at home I have crazy times in the garden and have the odd 'moment' where I do zoomies round and round.
I am crate trained and will happily sleep in one without any fuss as long as I have a soft bed to chillax on. Oh and my basic training is easy because I love to learn annnnd I also love my treats.

My current situation is getting desperate as I was only supposed to be here as an emergency until I got a foster home of my own, but unfortunately the rescue is struggling for large dog foster homes, which is really sad that they have to turn big dogs away :( and I can't stay where I am. Please, can anyone open their heart and home to help?

If you can offer Ella a foster home please email info@theanimalhouserescue.co.uk, with your name and contact number.

20.02.19 Available for adoption soon!

20.02.19 Available for adoption soon

20.02.19 Available for adoption soon

09.01.19 ELLA, 6 years old American Bulldog
Spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Hi, my name is Ella and I am looking for a special person to call my own. I need a home that is quiet and with people who get where I am coming from and what I need in my life.

Before I came to the rescue I was passed from pillar to post. I was a nervous wreck and terrified of everything. My last home couldn't cope with me being the way I was and asked the rescue to help. I was so scared, when the people came I tried to curl up into a ball so they wouldn't see me and I had a complete melt down going to the van, my eyes rolled in my head I hyperventilated and the poor lady who was helping me thought I was going to have a heart attack...me too :'(
I went to a quiet foster home and there I learned that not all people were bad. I wouldn't even leave the house at all but I got taught that I could feel safe on a lead and I got loves and cuddles and lots of being told I was a good and clever girl. I began to love the garden and I actually went out with out my lead, on my own....That was a huge occasion and I felt really proud of myself, I know my foster mum was.  Then I learned to play, OMG my life was turning around and now I run in and out of the house being silly and I'm not scared of that at all.

I have come a long way in the weeks I have been here in the rescue and now its time for me to make way for another soul to be saved. I am good with kids although as I'm a big girl (coughs) I might knock a small one over whilst playing so kids over ten only.  I get on OK with dogs too but would need to be an only furkid in the home as I like all the attention.
Guess what! I have cracked my toilet training too YAYYY, I love my walks but I am still nervous of street signs, and cars going past but I do walk well on a lead. I travel in the car but don't really like it at all and I have to be picked up to be put in...its not the car , its the movement urgh it makes my tummy go all wobbly and I go flat to hug the floor, but I'm working on it.

I have learned what love is all about and I think I'm a lap dog lol so you had better have strong legs and strong arms for hugs, and not mind very wet noses.  I will go in my crate for comfort and chill there but I need someone around most of the time but can be left for short periods. I do make a funny noise when I'm running and it sounds like I'm growling but I'm not, its typical brachycephalic dog syndrome although it it doesn't affect me at all and a scrolling of the third eye lid which makes me look like I have a cherry eye but I don't and I don't need it sorted as it would be purely cosmetic and would put me under anaesthetic for no reason.  I can guard my food so sensible precautions when I'm being fed is a must.

I need someone with large breed experience and who ever is the lucky person to adopt me must be willing to spend some time doing meet and greets and going walks with me and my foster mum getting to know me first.  If you think you would like to meet with me for a bit of r&r with a view to adopting me please fill in the application to adopt form here......


27.01.19 BETTY - Saint Bernard 20 months old
Spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated and wormed

Large breed experience only

Hi peeps, my name is Betty and I am looking for my furever home. Now I'm a bit particular about what I would like in my new family so please read all the way to the end first and please think with your head and don't go all mushy on me just because I'm flippin gorgeous.  I am a total love bug and will try to be a lap dog and I happily take up the whole of the sofa even if you are on it. I'm really gentle considering my size and try to make sure I dont squish anyone by accident and I sure have a lot of love to give.
I am working on training and get all happy when I see my training mat and the cheese come out because I really do have brain cells and they need to work, I can already do sit, down, paw, move back and wait. So because I'm intelligent you would need to be willing to carry on my training and socialisation skill with training classes.

Now outside I'm getting pretty darn good at walking on a lead, I sit too to have my lead on.
I like to walk close to you as it gives me confidence as I'm a bit jumpy sometimes but I do love all those new smells, grass growing, flowers, foooood ...yummm all floating on the breeze. Flippin heck! Sorry this is my problem LOL I can get distracted...its all soooo interesting.

I do have the odd silly moment when I see dogs, and my bark comes from my toes... another reason for training classes where I can interact with ther dogs. Oh cats I don't like...I think I may be allergic ROFL...no seriously they are not for me!

You will need to keep my mind active at home and I do love my toys but can get a bit possessive so you need to work on distraction training too.
I do love to be pampered and being brushed is lovely, cuz a girl has to look her best don't we?

Feeding...Of course being a Bernard a careful feeding regime is a must because of the chance of bloat, but I find bowl feeding a tad boring and like to work out obsticals to earn my food, I have both wet and dry mixed.

So that's me in a nut shell really, if you think you have the time and experience to offer me a home, please fill in the application to adopt form here.................