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Welcome to The Animal House Rescue Blog

Urgent Donations Needed Please

Well guys it looks like we are going to have to pull out all the stops to even begin helping the inevitable large amount of animals that we will be asked to take (it's already started) in 2017. Despite the whole TAH team running themselves ragged to raise funds, and all our friends and followers that donated to the desperate cases we helped in 2016, we still need to find £6,297.47 to clear our vet bills for last year. Even though we have just paid £10,000 to our wonderful vets it still leaves us short of clearing them which we have always done before. Please, we need your help again to enable us to carry on doing what we do. Do you think you can help in any of the following ways?

Donation via Paypal to info@theanimalhouserescue.co.uk (or click the Paypal logo below)
Donation via text  TEXT 70070 then TAHR15 £ (enter amount you wish to donate) 
Have a coffee morning to raise money.
Do a sponsored event (we can provide official forms).
Organise a mass dog walk and ask people to pay £2 to join you.
Bake and sell cakes
Do a car boot sale or anything else you can think of to make money to help us out.

Also needed are good quality, clean teddies/soft toys and unwanted Christmas presents ie smellies / bath sets, unopened perfumes etc. for our tombola stalls

Sorry for the big ask but we are absolutely desperate :( thank you for reading xxx

Zip Wire Run - Please donate to Carys & Vickys daredevil stunt

Date confirmed 27th May 2017

Two crazy members of team TAH are going to be doing a zip wire run in May to raise much needed funds for us. Vicky Hodges and Carys Reeves will be zooming across the wire at speeds of up to 100mph :O ...Please support them via their gofundme pages.


BBC Radio WM - The Animal House Team 14.01.17

Axle Update 13.01.17 From SHAK

Success August 2016

Its official.....Dozer has been adopted,and what a happy boy he's looking. Fantastic home for a fantastic dude

July 2016

Well Foxy lady caught and checked over, wounds are healing well so she had a good spray with RenaSan and she was Advocated. To say she was ungrateful was an understatement but she is strong and apart from the wounds is healthy.

Animal House To The Rescue

3rd June 2016

This is Jonesy (as we have called him), he came into the rescue via K9 Search UK. When he was found he had a collar around his waist and was in a state with matted fur and a badly broken leg at the hock. When the vet examined him and removed the collar Jonesy's tummy was very swollen but it was thought it could possibly be a gas build up from the collar constricting him. When he had x-rays on his leg it also showed part of his stomach and there was a lump inside his tummy.

It was decided to operate on this first to see if it was a tumour and, if it was bad, then he would be put to sleep under the anesthetic. With fingers crossed here the vets operated and found not a tumour but a huge stone in his stomach which was removed and then his leg was removed as well.

All in all this little man spent 3 1/2 hours on the operating table and will be in recovery for a while yet. While technically a stray neither of the surgeries could be delayed as not only was he in great pain, they were potentially life threatening.

This little guy is extremely lucky as he was found lying in woodland in a state and underweight. Can we please have healing thoughts and prayers as he is still extremely poorly.

UPDATE 3rd June 2016 -  We have just spoken to the vets and Jonesy has made it through the night. He is still at risk more from his surgery to unblock his stomach than the leg amputation but he has managed to eat a little bit on his own. Keep fighting little boy we are all thinking and praying for you.

UPDATE 4th June 2016 -  Well although feeling very sorry for himself Jonesy is back in the land of the living. Sitting up and taking notice he's even managed to get up for a toilet break which is amazing. Please keep this little man in your thoughts and prayers that he continues to do well its early days yet.

UPDATE 5th June 2016 -  LOOK!! out tough little cookie is on his feet, way to go Jonesy you little fighter. Now be careful and don't over do it.  Jonesy went into his new foster home.