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Please note the landline number is no longer in use.  Please contact us by email or facebook.

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Due to the economic climate at the moment and the fallout from abandoned and relinquished animals after the Covid lockdown with everybody going back to work, on top of all the abused and extremely sick animals we take in regularly, we are finding ourselves inundated and our usually high vet bills have now become astronomical.


We are now finding ourselves in a situation we are unfamiliar with by having to ask for help as we are having to turn animals away and make awful choices on which animals we can help, which is extremely heartbreaking.


Any donation is gratefully received, help us make a difference by donating today so we can continue to help the animals in crisis.


We are a small Birmingham based rescue, which takes in unwanted, abused and abandoned animals. All the animals that come into our care are treated for fleas, ticks, mites and worms, they also have a full veterinary 'm.o.t', and are neutered, if over 6 months, and inoculated before going to their new homes.   


We do not use kennels, instead we have foster homes, which enable us to see the animals behaviour in a home environment, then any problems can be dealt with and we can re-home them to the most appropriate place. All prospective adopters will be home-checked. If you live outside the Birmingham area and would like to adopt a dog, we will need a veterinary reference and copies of two recent household bills. Please check with any rental agreements or Landlords to make sure that pets are allowed in your home.

We also run a feral cat-neutering program, where feral cats are trapped - the females are spayed and the males are castrated. The cats are then released back to where they came from, as hardly any feral cats become tame. Those that do are re-homed. This helps to cut down on the number of kittens born each year, which will in turn keep the colony going.  


All our work is done with the aid of donations, and street collections with all money collected going to pay for food, our massive veterinary bills and the day to day running costs of the rescue.

If you can help us in any way either by donations of money, blankets or food, please contact us. 


Also needed are volunteers to help on street collections, veterinary runs with animals (car required) and picking up food from various collection points around the Birmingham area.

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