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Dogs Available for Adoption

Bonnie..... Shih Tzu, DOB 4/5/2022, female, spayed, chipped, vaccinated, deflead and wormed to date.
Will come with 5 weeks free insurance on completion of adoption.

Hellloooo, I'm Bonnie and I am looking for my furever home with some pawsome peoples who are active. I am good with mostly everything I have come across, I could live with a dog savvy cat and would love a small canine companion. I would be fine with older respectful kids too.
I love to sit on your lap and I won't move until you need to get up unless of course its walk time which I adore, all those lovely smells and interesting things, the longer we are out the better I like it  and I love saying "Hi!" to all the people,and dogs we meet along the way. I even travel well in the car.

Play time too is the bestest and I really like it when you play fetch with me, you throw I fetch and bring it back so we can do it all again, I like all toys but my ball is my favourite.

I am house trained when I know where the door and the garden are and I like to pop out as soon as I have eaten just pop me out regularly and it will all be fine.
I'm a good girl at night too and go all the way through and I sleep in my own bed in your bedroom after goodnight cuddles.

If I get spooked by a sudden noise I come over all silly and bark at the sound to tell it to go away but if you tell me "No!" I will listen and stop, unless it's a visitor knocking and then I will come over all silly again and want them to play with me because YUP life is all about this princess LOL

I am the sweetest girl you could ever meet so if you think you might have a space in your heart and home, then please click the Apply To Adopt button


Ronnie..... JRT, DOB 4/11/2023, male, vaccinated, chipped, de-flead and wormed to date.
Will come with 5 weeks free insurance on completion of adoption.
You will need to sign a neutering contract which will be followed up at the date agreed

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself. My name's Ronnie, I know what you're thinking: "Wow he's so small and cute!" Well I'll have you know, big things come in small packages! I already bark at the door just to let them know I'm around and I am quite the chatter box when you talk to me with cute little whines and yips.

Before we go any further, I need to have a quiet word...... Firstly I'm going to need treats, chewys, toys and and of course cuddles on demand. It's non-negotiable I'm afraid, whatever my foster mum says!

I am doing well with my toilet training but a bit embarrassing but I also sometimes have little accidents when I get over excited. Ooops....soweee!

So I'm working on giving toys back when I'm playing tug and I love my food and will have a bit of a bouncy moment when I seem y bowl and smell that yummy food.
Once I'v eaten, normal service is resumed and I just need cuddles and playtime.

Well, that's me, I'm a typical energetic puppy who loves a play and a cuddle.
I can't wait to meet my furever family and if you think that could be you then click the Apply To Adopt button


Roger..... JRT, DOB 4/11/2023, male, vaccinated, chipped, de-flead and wormed to date.
Will come with 5 weeks free insurance on completion of adoption.
You will need to sign a neutering contract which will be followed up at the date agreed

Heyyyy, my name's Roger, and I am so pleased to meet you. I am looking for the pawfect furever home with active people who are willing to teach me all the fings I need to know to be the bestest pup in the world.

I love everything but I am a little shyer than my brother. He's the go out and get it kinda pup and I'm the I'll wait to see what happens when he does go out and get it LOL if there's any problems, I'm not going there. I'm a bit more jumpy especially when the rumbly machine comes through sucking up the dust and stuff, I fink its called a vackyhoom, what ever its scary!

I too am doing well with my toilet training I have been practicing remembering to head for the puppy pad when I get that 'feeling' of a tsunami coming.

I love my food and can't wait for the bowl to hit the floor, I do this cute little dance and may shout "Hurry up!"... well wouldn't you if your tunny was rumbling?

I'm a typical energetic puppy who loves a play and a cuddle, with lots of love but boundaries too.
I can't wait to meet my furever family and if you think that could be you then click the Apply To Adopt button


Storm... X breed, female, DOB 12/3/23, chipped, spayed, vaccinated, de-flead and wormed to date
Will come with 5 weeks free insurance
WILL NEED SOMEONE WITH LARGE BREED EXPERIENCE even though she is not that big, she is strong.

Hi, hi, hi, it's me Storm! This may be a bit long winded but I have so much to tell you....
I am looking for a very understanding home who is willing to work with me and bring me to my full potential.
I was brought as a pup and after a tussle with another canine in the house (not my doing) I was banished to the garden where I stayed. I learned nothing and was left to my own devises. I am still going through the silly puppy stage I never had and learning to walk on a lead, ooohh and lots of other things since coming to the rescue.

I will need people with patience, enough for me as well because I get so excited over everything and POOFT things I have learned pop straight out of my head LOL, saying that I am eager to please and I have cracked the puppy training thing, I ask to go out too.

I would need someone at home all of the time at the moment, shift changes are permitted  as I do suffer separation anxiety, I will happily entertain myself with toys though as long as I know you are near but my favourite thing in all the world is cuddle time, I just want fusses, ear scratches and more smoohies. Also I'm good with other dogs and could live with them as long as they are happy to rough and tumble, I wouldn't want to break a friend by accident, that would not be good.
Out on my walks I will bark at a cat and the odd dog, there's no malice in it I just want to say "HIIIII!" and "HOW YA DOIN'!" ....How I want to go over and say hello and I will try so you must have a strong arm as it can be unexpected, and again help me to learn what is acceptable and what is not. As you can see from my picture, we should be careful when walking in high winds, these ears are amazing and we could take off ROFL!

At night I am happy to sleep in my crate, yes I have a crate because if you aren't there to watch me and I get bored I'm a bit of a kleptomaniac and suddenly everything becomes mine. OOPSIE!
But I do sleep through remember to set your alarm though because I can't cross my legs like hoooomans do when they need a pee.
Oh yeh and a baby gate across the kitchen door is a must as I can reach counter tops.. this is a work in progress too, but please don't think I'm a bad girl, I have never been taught manners.

It might be an idea if you could come and meet me a few times, so we can get to know each other, I'm sure we will get on because I love everyone   

If you would like more information, then please click the Apply To Adopt button and the re-homing co-ordinator will get back to you 
Adoption fee - £450

APPLICATIONS SUSPENDED.... due to the amount of applications, Arlo's applications are suspended until we have gone through all the forms currently in. We will update once we have gone through them all xx

Arlo... Pomeranian, male, DOB 1/6/22, chipped, neutered, vaccinated, de-flead and wormed to date
Will come with 5 weeks free insurance

*sniffs* Hmmm I smell nice food, is that for me? I do love my food, it's all so yummy  Ohh its a special treat, you are going to share a little piece of chicken *dances* Thank you so much.

Now where were we... oh yes... So I'm Arlo and I'm looking for my furever home with some pawsome people to call my own. I'm a bit shy when first meeting you but once I know you we will be bestest friends 
I love being out and about so active families only please.
I can live in a calm home with older kids 12yrs+ and cats as long as they are dog savvy and laid back and I have been staying with a Chihuahua and most of the dogs I have met I have been chilled with too. Sometimes out on my walk I will shout "Hiiii" over to another dog but I'm not over enthusiastic, LOL I'm more interested in all those lovely smells and other things going on, they are much more exciting.

I am learning to play with toys now and I have found the delights of a ball, my foster mom is teaching me fetch and I'm quick to learn. I just want to please you and I am learning lots of different things and the odd treat for encouragement is NOT turned away LOL and I don't snatch, I have manners you know.

I'm a happy boy and now I feel secure in my life I am happy to chill on the floor but I will sneak up onto your lap for a cuddle here and there, there's nothing like a bit of me and you time and the odd ear scratch. I also love to be brushed and with this coat I will need regular brushes believe me LOL if I don't I end up looking like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards and we can't have that because I am a beautiful boy, don't you think? I will also let you wipe my eyes and check my feets for things that may get stuck between my toes, or matts that may form.
Soo I think that's it, I can't wait to meet you......

If you think you would like this handsome boy in your life, then please click the Apply to Adopt button

Adoption fee - £400

number 1 of a litter of 7

Monique.... Believed to be Frenchie X Chihuahua, female, DOB 30/10/23, chipped, vaccinated, de-flead and wormed to date

Will come with a neutering contract

Helloooo, I'm Monique and I am ready at last for my furever home YAYYYY!!!!

Our foster mom sat me and my two sisters down the other day and told us that soon we would be finding pawesome families of our own and that we were going to be making some furbaby pawrents very, very happy. I can't wait, although I do have some butterflies in my tummy, my next big adventure is going to be soooo exciting.

I am a confident and feisty little girl who loves to play all the time LOL I have oodles of energy and will keep waking my sisters up if they doze off COME ON, IT'S STILL PLAY TIME!

I love my grub and if you aren't quick enough I will shout and let you know.

I get a little grumpy when I'm tired and then I like to snuggle up close to you to go to sleep

I'm working hard on my toilet training and mostly I got it but I do forget sometimes so it's an on going thing.

I'm very licky and if you pick me up I do love to try and get your hair.

So that's a bit about me, if you think you might like to offer me a loving home then please click the Apply To Adopt button

Foster - AM

Adoption fee - £450

BONDED PAIR (Litter siblings)
Tilly - ChIhuahua Cross, 9 years old, female, spayed, vaccinated, chipped, de-flead and wormed to date
Marley - Chihuahua Cross, 9 years old, male, neutered, vaccinated, chipped, de-flead and wormed to date
Needs someone at home most of the day.
Will come with 5 weeks free insurance on completion of adoption
LIKES.....the odd cup of tea and a treat, chilling on the sofa watching TV and walks
DISLIKES.....Marley is wary of men, no kids (older teenagers only) no small furries including cats

Hi all you lovely people out there, my brother and I are looking for our retirement furever home together. We have been here before *sighs* we were adopted around 6 years ago but then not long ago, Marley hurt his leg and needed an operation. Mom called the rescue and wanted to send him back but keep me but Auntie Lin said NO!! We both come back together and so we did and Marley had his operation that cost total with hydrotherapy was around £4000 and now he's OK again. So here we are ready and waiting.

We just want a peaceful life, watching TV from the comfort of the sofa a nice cup of tea every now and again, we aren't demanding, we love the quiet life. I'm the more cuddly but Marley can get a bit grumpy sometimes and he needs time to get over himself and then he's happy again but if you push him he will tell you off, which is why we would like a home with no kids...unless it's older teenagers that respect boundaries but he is particularly wary of men. No other furry things either as we don't like them in our space but could possibly live with other small respectful canines of a similar age.

We like to go out for a nice stroll around the park at a slow pace so we can mooch around the hedgerows, we do have to stay on a lead as we have nooo recall ..and then home for a nice afternoon snooze.

We are crate trained but just as happy on a nice soft bed in the kitchen to sleep and can be left for short periods so you can pop out and buy our food and treats  and we are house trained.

Soooo do you think you could offer us the home we really deserve?
If you think you would like a pair of golden oldies in your life, please click the apply to adopt button



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