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Dogs for Adoption

Updated 29.05.21

MARTHA, Crossbreed, female, date of birth 06.09.20
Microchipped, vaccinated, flea treated and wormed
*A strict neutering contract will apply*

Hello everyone, it's me, Martha!

I'm the biggest bundle of love, wiggles and slobbery kisses you could ever wish for and I'm looking for a VERY special furever home. I would need a large breed experienced home, and if you have an older, calmer dog that I can play with and learn from, that would be a bonus, but not a necessity.

Don't let my size fool you, I'm still a puppy and have boundless energy. I have learnt lots already, but I would love my furever home to continue all my training.  Even though my foster mum says I'm a very good girl (especially if there's food around, nom nom!), sometimes I do forget myself and my manners around new people and dogs especially, whoops!

Now for the important bit......I have this thing called hip dysplasia ...I have no idea what this means and I certainly don't feel any different, OK I had silly back legs when I first arrived but the vets checked me over and I have had pictures taken of my bones and joints, then we started exercises.

I have built muscles, I had physio and a really good diet and been careful and the vets are really pleased with me and say I am OK to go to a family who will luvs me forever and make sure I don't over stretch myself being silly, it just means I'll need extra special carefulness for the rest of my life.

I can be left alone for a couple of hours in my crate, if you leave me a nice treat, but I would need to settle in a bit first so I don't have a "WHAAAAAA I just got here and you are leaving me!!!" moment, so please be patient with me!

If you think you can fulfil all my care needs, on top of a cozy lap to snuggle next to, then please send in an application for me, and I will love you forever.
here is the link for my application to adopt form................................
Adoption fee £250

CRYSTAL, female, date of birth 21.10.20
Spayed, microchipped, flea treated & wormed
FREE 5 weeks insurance on adoption completion

Hey, hey, hey it's me Crystal here and I am looking for the pawfect family to be my furever home.

I am a crazy little girl, a little shy when we first meet but once I get to know you I'm a little sweetheart ready to play with you and my toys which I love. I have been learning to walk on a lead and after a false start when Iooked around and thought heck this is a big world out here but I found really lovely enticing smells and I just followed them.... oooh I do love my walks now, oh except when it's raining...I no like rain!!! Well I'm short, I could drown in a puddle LOL
I get on fine with other dogs (as long as they are sensible) as I have met ones in my foster home and I also go walking with my canine friends next door. I'm not sure on cats cuz I haven't but NO children under 10 years old as I am small and breakable.

My toilet training is ongoing but I am working my hardest I promise, I will use puppy pads and if you pop me out regularly I will go outside, for this reason and the fact I don't like being left for long, I need someone around most of the time...but lets face it, whoooo would want to leave me anyways

When I came into the rescue I was pretty crazy and totally OTT. No matter how many times I was told I still careered round like a mad thing. Then I had a accident and gamboled over the resident dog here and fractured my leg... boy did I feel stupid, if only I had listened. I had to go to the vets and have an x-ray cuz I hurt my leg  it was fractured and I had to have an operation to pin it. I had to slow down and go on cage rest then I had to have physio. I had time to reflect in my cage and I calmed down a lot. Now I'm all healed, I still have to do my exercises and not jump around on and off sofas (I have steps at my foster home) but the vets have said I'm going to be fine as long as I am careful for a bit, until my muscles have built up again. Being careful is a good thing as I have also recently been spayed, got a big tick from the vets for that for healing beautifully YAYYYY! Well what do you expect, I do beautiful amazingly HAHA

If you think you could be the furever family I need, please fill in the application to adopt form here........
Adoption fee.....£450

PLEASE READ OUR APPEAL CAREFULLY, if you cant meet Milos needs please do not apply to adopt

MILO Pomeranian Cross, male, 12 years old
Neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, flea treated and wormed

Heyyyy guys its me Milo and I am looking for a very special home with someone to call my own ...either a furever home or a furever foster, you see I got a bit of a dicky ticker. They said its a grade 4 heart murmur, now thats all well and good, they told the lady who runs the rescue, they told rehoming co-ordinator, they told my foster mum... but they didn't tell me!!! So there I am running around, loving life, doing zoomies and playing with me toys.

So when I found out me ticker was a bit OH HANG ON THERE!!!! Panic mode or what!  Then I told meself to calm the heck down. I shook a paw, flipped me head, did a gambole and a quick 1,2 round me garden and then I sat down...Well I didn't feel any different and had no ill effects from me excersise so I though you know what? I'm gonna live life to the full for whatever time I have left, Because at some point this will get worse.

Now I need someone around most of the time as I get attached to you quickly and don't like to be left alone, although obviously you gotta pop out for me treats and stuff.

I would need to be an only dog and my pawrent must be someone who can set boundaries with me, cuz I can push it a bit if allowed ROFL YEAHHHHH I'm a bad boy hahahaha and I will grumble if I'm not happy about sommat, my foster mum ain't having non of that and she tells me no...pffft ...but them she gives me lots of reassurance and we are all good again.

I can be vocal so you need to be on top of that too... with a woof woof here and a woof woof there, here a woof there a woof every where a..... OK I'll shut up now cuz I just got the look off me foster mum with a cough and a raised eyebrow

I do love to sit on your lap and adore strokes and cuddles but I will happily go and lie in me bed as long as its a comfortable padded one... only luxury for me you know.

No children please or young kids, teenagers are fine if they are quiet...yeh, yeh I know its a lot to ask but it is what it is 
Loves me walks and mooching in hedgerows so you gotta be active but please be mindful of doors as I will shoot past to play in the wonderful outdoors, so maybe a baby gate as a catch area would be safer. I'm a good time keeper too so when its walk time, ITS WALK TIME!!!

Last but not least you must have patience to let me settle in cuz this home will be my last and I really, really want it to be full of love and fun and all I have ever dreamed of.

Please fill in the application to adopt form here if you think you can offer Milo his retirement home............................