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Dogs for Adoption

Updated 24.11.19


2019 has seen the rescue working flat out dealing with the ever increasing stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs/puppies.

The Animal House Rescue doesnt have a rescue centre, instead of using kennelling facilities we have a network of local foster carers.  Our foster carers open up their hearts and homes to animals, that are homeless through no fault of their own.  Without our foster homes we would not be able to help as many animals that we do. 

Foster carers are an important part of our rescue network and we are forever greatful for their help.  If you feel this is something for you, please click on the button to complete our application form.

24.11.19 RESERVED
BETH  15 week old Chihuahua
Vaccinated, flea treated & wormed

Hi guys, due to her size and history, we are going to have to be really strict and specific on applications for Beth. We need people only who are local to us or willing to travel for her spay and treatment!  Hi all you loverrrrly people. I'm Beth and I am looking for a really special, sensible, knowledgeable small dog home with active, pawfect, pawrents.
I was born into the rescue after my mum came in pregnant and through indiscriminate breeding (just to make some money for my mums old owner) I was born with a hair lip and my brother was born with a cleft palate, sadly he didnt make it but my sister and I did, she was as fit as a butchers dog and although I struggled a bit at the start I am one tough cookie and I gave it my all and here I am!!!...... Full of beans and looking like butter wouldn't melt ROFL...don't let this angelic face fool you LOL  I am on the go all the time so please watch your step as I like to zip in and out of feet so one wrong step and I'm toast!  Don't think I'm a wimpy furkid or a handbag dog because I am feisty and love to play so a furry small brother or sister would be nice as company so we can rag tag.  I am really quite small so no kids under 12 as I don't want to get broken by accident. I have to say I'm a big personality in a very small shell.  Now about my lip...its doesn't bother me at all, I think it makes me look cute but the vets have said it could be stitched at a later date ( I got to do all that growing and stuff first) and I do have a small hernia that will be repaired and payed for by the rescue when my new owners have me spayed (providing they use our veterinary practice in Smethwick or Wythall), that way I don't have to have two anaesthetics which will be loads better and safer for me.
Sooo please if you have read my story and understand my needs please fill in the application to adopt form here......

27.10.19 - KIKI 4 year old female
Spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea treated & wormed.

Hi you lovely people, could I possibly introduce myself? My name is Kiki and I am looking for my furever home with some pawsome people who will love me and cherish me.
I need a home that is quiet as I am quite shy and need a little patience to settle in. Once I trust you however you will be my soulmate forever and we will be inseperable.
I came into the rescue pregnant, I was at the vets as things didn't go smoothly and when my babies came one didnt make it as he had a cleft pallet and was really ill, it broke my little heart but I tried so hard with my other babies and I did a good job, now they are ready for their homes too.
I have had an operation so I can't have any more pupskies and I did give a sigh of relief when I realised I don't have to go through any more baby stress. Now I can relax and just be me with my new family.
If you think that I could be the furbaby to complete your family please fill in the application to adopt form here.........

04.06.19 WILL.I.AM approx 8 years old - new photos added 30.09.19
Neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed & flea treated

Guys...guys..guys?....Oh there you are! lol hey its me Will.i.am here looking for a special retirement home with people who are around most of the time. I'm a bit of an uneducated boy who is a bit deaf and the old eye sight isn't to clever but I have a whole lot of love to give and love fusses. I'm a bit of a stubborn bugger but you can easily get round me ..I'd probably forget what I was being stubborn about anyways haha.  I am not keen of other dogs when they get in my face and I'd love to chase a cat if I had the energy so would prefer to be and only furbaby.  I do love my walks but I need to learn.  what to do on one as I had never been on a lead in my life and I do pull a bit but I jog along checking out all the strange smells but with my eyes and ears being not what they used to be I have no recall but when I come home I like nothing better than to curl up on a comfy bed and catch some zzzzz'ds.  At home my bladder ain't what it used to be either...Oh come on lol I'm sure some of you will be thinking 'Yeh I hear ya dude!' rofl, so I need out regularly. I am crate trained which is good for over night and if you have to pop out to get my treats 'n' stuff. I would love a home with a retired family or person who is active but also likes to pass the time of day reminiscing about what it was like when we were young I have been used and abused in my past, if any of you remember how emaciated I was when I came in to the rescue. Well I have been working really hard putting weight on and its working! All I need is a furever home where I can be pampered and loved, so if you are interested in giving me a chance please fill in the application to adopt form here..............
Adoption fee applicable.