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Dogs for Adoption

Updated 10.11.20

2019 has seen the rescue working flat out dealing with the ever increasing stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs/puppies.

The Animal House Rescue doesnt have a rescue centre, instead of using kennelling facilities we have a network of local foster carers.  Our foster carers open up their hearts and homes to animals, that are homeless through no fault of their own.  Without our foster homes we would not be able to help as many animals that we do. 

Foster carers are an important part of our rescue network and we are forever greatful for their help.  If you feel this is something for you, please click on the button to complete our application form.

FRANKIE Chihuahua, male, date of birth 11.03.18
Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated and wormed
5 weeks free insurance on completion of adoption
Not cat tested

Hey, hey, hey guys, it's me the Fantastical Frankie ready willing and able, looking for my furever home.
I'm a real love bug and like nothing more than cuddles and kisses... oh and tickle tums....I will be your friend for life
I am a proper little family guy although I would prefer children over 10 and I must, must, must have a little canine friend to play with that's lively and ready for games and shenanigans at all times.
Now I do like to sleep on the bed but I promise you that you won't even know I am there because I just snuggle down into the duvet and I'm off to the land of nod.
I love my walks and I can do a mini marathon even with these short legs LOL so you will have to be fit to keep up with me, the parks are great fun and there's lots of smells to follow.

I can be left for a couple of hours and as long as I am let out before you go I am house trained. Hehe I'm a good boy without any foibles...no wait I lied, I HATE the bin men's lorry all that clunking and banging ROFL, good job they only come once a week LOL. If I could get to them I would give them a piece of my mind I'll tell ya!
So if you like what you see (and who wouldn't love this compact bundle of fun) please fill in the application to adopt form here......
Adoption fee £225

BRUNO, Long Haired Dachshund, male, 4 years old
Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated & wormed
5 weeks free insurance on completion of adoption

Hi all you lovely people out there, I'm Bruno and I am looking for a patient no children household with pawrents who will work with me as I can be a tad nervous until I get to know you. I have been with my foster peoples since October and in that time I have chilled out and they can do anything with me but you have to win my trust first or I will let you know with a bit of a grump and this goes for visitors too but get my trust and its CUDDLE FEST !!! Let me come to you in my own time and things will be fine...its not that hard with a few treats and allowing me to come to you, although go easy on the treats as I am on a diet because I was horribly over weight when I came in and that's particularly dangerous for us 'long and lows'. I still have a ways to go weight wise but the more I lose the more excersise I can do. 

This is really good because I really enjoy my walks now and we go bush whacking everyday to see what new smells are about today. I'm also learning that other dogs can mean play time, play with other canines is new to me and I have found a friend with the other dog over the fence in the garden and we have play dates, I'm even playing with toys now too

I don't do kids unless they are teenagers, the littlies on two legs worry me ..this is non negotiable!!!
You will need time and commitment if you would like me to come and live with you but I promise, give me time and I will give you my heart 
So if you would like to speak to the lady who does the adoptions, please fill in the application to adopt form here......
Adoption fee £225

TIGRE, German Shepherd cross Mastin, male, date of birth 05.03.19
Neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, flea treated & wormed
5 weeks free insurance on completion of adoption

Hi guys, Tigre here!
I've got lots to tell you about myself, so please take a seat and I hope you get to the end and consider becoming my furever home.

I'm a big softie and and even bigger dufus, always acting the clown and trying to impress. I had a rough start in life, never being in one place long enough to put down roots but I have never lost my love for the world and its people. I've definitely made myself comfortable at my foster mum's! She says I'm a lovable goofball really.
Even though I'm quite the attention seeker, I'll happily just chill out in my own, quiet space. I can also be left alone for a few hours too. That's my nap time!
I'm a bit shy with new people for all of 10 seconds, until I realize this is a new friend to give me love, fuss and scratches. Yep I love it being all about me, me, me LOL

Now the important bits........
I will need a big garden to do zoomies in but it's more for the distance for me to stop these long legs hahah! Also I love running around playing tag with my canine friends and it can get a little crazy lol.
I would need a furry friend, an older canine friend that will keep me on the almost straight and narrow and I would also need my new pawrents to be large breed savvy and be willing to take me to training classes as I'm a strong lad.

So, one very important thing you must know about me, is that I'm a bit of a handful on walks, mainly when I see another paw pal running around. Ok..maybe I have a few tantrums all shouting and hollaring and performing (it's only when I'm on my lead) ...OK I hold my paws up... I'm extra dramatic, but it's only because I want to run around too. Thing is, I haven't learnt my manners yet and I am a work in progress, so I have to stay on lead. My foster mum always says "And what was that all about Tigre?" and I'm like "I dunno, it just happened!" and off we go carrying on our walk with my foster mum rolling her eyes. I can assure you I'm heaps better than I was :) just I lose concentration sometimes.
Well thats me! What do you think? Would you like some more info, maybe apply to adopt me?
If so please fill in the application to adopt form here...
Adoption fee £225