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Dogs for Adoption

Updated 06.07.20

We have many more dogs within the rescue, sadly we are unable to prepare them for adoption due to the current restrictions.  Please look out on our Facebook page for future announcements regarding Covid-19.  

We are still incurring costs for the care of our animals, if you are able to help us please donate £1.00 via Paypal to info@theanimalhouserescue.co.uk (please select Friends & Family option to ensure every penny of yours goes to the animals).  We are also accepting donations of dog food from our supporters, if you wish to donate food to the rescue, then please email us on info@theanimalhouserescue.co.uk

Thank you all for your continued support


Hi guys, we are looking for dog foster homes as we have been in undated with dogs coming in and we are full to bursting.  We have had offers from people who are not at work at the moment due to covid-19 and we appreciate every offer but we need foster homes that are long term not just until people go back to work as we would have to move them again and we have no where for them to go.  At the moment our vets are still only doing emergencies and so non of the animals that are in our care now have been vaccinated or neutered as this is classed as non essential, so anything that goes into foster will be there until the vets change policies as the rules are relaxed.  Potential foster homes must have someone at home most of the day, be able to walk the foster dog, have transport and be willing to attend any veterinary appointments when needed. Any other dogs in the house must be neutered, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatment.

Fostering is the most rewarding thing, you can help change an animals life for ever <3 so if you would like to apply to foster, please fill in the form here......

If anyone has previously applied there is no need to again as we are still working through the emails.  

We would like to introduce you to a few of the dogs that have come into our care. These animals will only be put up for adoption once they are vet cleared.
Please say "Hi!" to Mandy, Lexi, Curro, Dougal, Kiki, Maya, Pikachu, Slash, Sade, Josie and Bella.

2019 has seen the rescue working flat out dealing with the ever increasing stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs/puppies.

The Animal House Rescue doesnt have a rescue centre, instead of using kennelling facilities we have a network of local foster carers.  Our foster carers open up their hearts and homes to animals, that are homeless through no fault of their own.  Without our foster homes we would not be able to help as many animals that we do. 

Foster carers are an important part of our rescue network and we are forever greatful for their help.  If you feel this is something for you, please click on the button to complete our application form.

06.07.20 DASH Labrador Cross Male
Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed & flea treated
5 week free insurance on completion of adoption

Please read Dash's post in full and only apply if you think you can offer him his furever home based on his needs.

Ok guys I need to intruduce myself but it may take a while as you need to understand my situation and needs....Are you sitting comfortably? .....Then I'll begin.
First off I will need someone that is at home most of the time as I get a bit worried when people leave me but if you leave me treat puzzles to work my brain it will keep me occupied... I may have a bit of a cry then I will play with my toys and settle down. It is also good if you would give me a decent walk before going out so I am a bit more relaxed as I have oodles of energy, I need energetic people as I do love my walks too and I go out twice a day and zoomie time is a must ... I have a long line to excercise on.
I do need to build my confidence as my life before this was pretty bad and I am still only a baby. I have never had a puppyhood and was taught nothing so all this is a learning curve for me.
If you are experienced with dogs like me and are looking for a loving dippy dog then I'm the one but as I said I'm a work in progress but I learn VERY quickly and I am even more eager to please, we just have to work at my pace and training classes would be awesome for me too.
I am nervous of new people and take a little while to get to know you but once that bond is formed its unbreakable and I will be your friend for life, I just need patience and understanding.
I have lots of love and kisses inside and treats win me over eventually and I will even share the odd tigger boing but I do have a cheeky side too and my foster mum says if i keep it up I will start to think my name is NO DASH lol ...positive reinforcement all the way hahahah!!!!!
I am learning every day and my current focus in on not being silly and shouting to protect my foster mum, she assures me she is not going to be abducted by aliens and there is no need to get worked up when there are lots of people about ...thats reassuring .. I got it NO aliens coming!!! YAYYY
Because I'm a busy bee I need time outs to nap too and I love to sleep on the sofa but I need my blankie to lie on there so I can sleep. My foster mum says when I start mumbling and grumbling its time out to catch 40 winks.
Now I do need to live with another dog, some sensible older dude (not too old, he's gotta keep up LOL) that can help teach me new things and keep me in check and anyone who is interested in me needs needs to do lots of meets and greets both with me and my potential new doggy pal over a few weeks so I can get to know you properly.
Hmmmmm what else do I need to tell you ......Oh yes you must have 6ft secure fencing at least in case I have a wobble and get scared and do a spiderman impression.
Oh *sighs* it all sounds like a lot of work doesn't it :( please don't let it put you off, believe me once I settle in and bond with you the love that I have inside of me is immeasurable and its all waiting to be shared with you.... you can give me the stable home I need and I will give you my heart for ever. I will be at your side when ever you need a friend <3
So please for more information and to make first contact please fill in the application to adopt form here............


LARRY - 8 years old
Neutered, vaccinated, chipped, wormed and flea treated


Larry...8 1/2 years old, neutered, vaccinated, chipped, wormed and de-flead to date

Hey guys my names Larry and I am looking for a loving and understanding furever retirement home.
I need someone that is at home most of the time as I don't like people going out and leaving me for long periods (I don't like people leaving me at all really but we are working on that) you see I love being with you all the time and snuggling up on your lap is my favourite thing in the whole wide world and when you go out I feel lonely and can have the odd accident (I'm not destuctive) you know its more of an "Ohhhh nooo they have gone"....... oops I had a little leak kind of thing. But as I said we are working on that so you will need a little patience with me and a couple of puppy pads in reserve.
I don't like change so you must be willing to have play dates so I can meet you and get to know you properly and we can go for walks together. I do love to sleep on the bed so you must be willing for this to continue because this has to be the right home for ME as well as you.
I have lived with other dogs but not cats and although I do like other canine friends, I am more of a people pawson..peoples have laps and give lots of kisses and huggles.
I am really active for my age so a retirement home with older people but although they dont have to be able to jog, they do have to love walking as I do. theres loads of life left in this old dog yet!
I am OK with kids but I do have a couple of pet hates....the vacuum, why anyone would want to have something that gobbles everything in its path up is beyond me, I believe I need to save you from this monster so I have to be put in another room, same with the lawn mower all slicing and dicing, they are dangerous things and I will try and chase them off.
Sooo thats me good and bad bits LOL so if you think you would like to meet me please fill in the application to adopt form below and lets get the ball rolling WOOF WOOF!
Adoption fee £110

06.07.20 JOSIE, Date of Birth - 19.08.13
Spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated & wormed 

Heyyyy lovely people, its me Josie here and I am looking for my pawfect furever home.
I am the most gentle, softest and lovable girl you could ever wish to meet and I like nothing better than loves and cuddles on tap. One of my favourite pass times is to lie in the sun catching some rays and just chilling with my family.

When I arrived at the rescue I had some terrible injuries and sores that have over time healed nicely and I put the weight back on and my coat went from dull and lifeless to glowing with health. Its been a long road but this girl is now ready for action!
My energy has returned and now I love to walk, don't let my age fool you, I have lots of energy for going exploring with you, so an active home is a must, oh and I travel well so I hope when this is all over we can go to the beach maybe for an adventure or castles or mountains all wonderful things.

I could probably live with a medium to large dogs but no smalls or cats or birds, I do get a tad over excited when I see them and I would hate to accidentally hurt one. I did catch a pigeon the other day but when my foster mum shouted at me I quickly spat it out ...uninjured... oooh I even scared myself, it just happened. I told my foster mum I was yawning and it flew in. I did apologise to the soggy bird and he happily few off. I must engage my brain when they fly over the garden.
Although I don't mind young kids, I would prefer a home with older teenage children.
So if you think I might be the girl you are looking for and would like to come and meet me, please fill in the application to adopt form here................

04.06.19 WILL.I.AM approx 8 years old - new photos added 24.02.20
Neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed & flea treated

Guys...guys..guys?....Oh there you are! lol hey its me Will.i.am here looking for a special retirement home with people who are around most of the time, I have been in foster for soooo long I need a pad of my own. Could you help???
I'm a bit of an uneducated boy who is a bit deaf and the old eye sight isn't to clever but I have a whole lot of love to give and love fusses and cuddles.  I'm a bit of a stubborn bugger but you can easily get round me ..I'd probably forget what I was being stubborn about anyways haha.  I am not keen of other dogs when they get in my face but a laid back older furbaby like me would be cool and I'd love to chase a cat if I had the energy so would prefer to be and only furbaby.
I do love my walks and I do pull a bit when we first go out .... its just excitement but I jog along checking out all the strange smells, with my eyes and ears being not what they used to be I have no recall but I am happy on a long line and when I come home I like nothing better than to curl up on a comfy bed and catch some zzzzz'ds.

My bladder ain't what it used to be either...Oh come on lol I'm sure some of you will be thinking 'Yeh I hear ya dude!' rofl, so I need out every now and then and as long as I have access to the garden regularly I am house trained...pretty proud of myself about that hahaha.

I am crate trained which is good for over night and if you have to pop out to get my treats 'n' stuff.
I would love a home with a retired family or person who is active but also likes to pass the time of day reminiscing about what it was like when we were young

I have been used and abused in my past, if any of you remember how emaciated I was when I came in to the rescue. Well I have been working really hard putting weight on and its working!
All I need is a furever home where I can be pampered and loved, so if you are interested in giving me a chance please fill in the application to adopt form here..............
Adoption fee applicable.