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Welcome to our Cats Rehoming Page - Updated 01.08.20

Please adopt a long stay cat!

To offer any of our cats their forever homes, please complete the adoption enquiry form

We have many more cats within the rescue, sadly we are unable to prepare them for adoption due to the current restrictions.  Please look out on our Facebook page for future announcements regarding Covid-19.  

We are still incurring costs for the care of our animals, if you are able to help us please donate £1.00 via Paypal to info@theanimalhouserescue.co.uk (please select Friends & Family option to ensure every penny of yours goes to the animals).  We are also accepting donations of cat food from our supporters, if you wish to donate food to the rescue, then please email us on info@theanimalhouserescue.co.uk

Thank you all for your continued support

UPDATE 01.08.20 - HARRY still looking for his forever home.

12.01.20 HARRY approx 3 years
Neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, flea treated and wormed
* Harry has a grade 2-3 heart murmur*

Oi, yes, yes I'm talking to you ...Its me Harry, I find myself in need of a furever home, could you possibly see your way to helping me out here?
I'm a good boy, very vocal and always ready for a chat. I love chillaxing on a warm window ledge and watching the world go by. I do play occasionally and then please watch out because my foster dad says I'm like a bull in a china shop LOL
Now I do have a food intollerance ...ok, ok calm down its not that bad...well unless you feed me the wrong food and then it can get pretttty messy and stinky. I can only eat fish flavoured supermarkets own brand food, see I told you it wasn't that bad LOL..... I am cheap to run :P
Oh yeh ...the dicky ticker thing, doesn't worry me at all, I do all the normal things cats do and more :D
I get along with cats, dunno how that would work with the food thing though. But I could live with a laid back doggie dude or dudette as long as it was cat savvy!
If you would like to meet you new purrrfect pal who has a whole lotta love to give please fill in the adoption form here.......

ISLA approx 12 week old female
HARRIS approx 12 week old male
Flea treated & wormed
FREE 5 weeks insurance on completion of adoption

Hi, I'm Isla and I may be a tiny girl but I have oodles of cattitude. If you try and pick me up I will tell you no and hiss but as soon as I'm on your lap I'm like putty in your hands, purring and loving every minute of it, ts nothing personal,I do it with my brothers and sisters especially if I have yummy food LOL I like acting tough but I am not fooling any one hahaha!

My brother Harris just ignores me so I try and fool him. When we are playing wrestling I will shout "OUCH!!!" And pretend to cry and he lets go then when he turns his back I pounce BAM!.... I got you!!!
He just looks at me and I just know he's thinking BRAT! lol but I loves him so much and he loves me which is why we need a home together.
Oh look here's Harris, heyyy Harris come and tell these lovely people all about yourself so we can get our furever home.............

Heyyyy yup its me Harris and yes we are looking for our furever home together. I'm a very confident boy and very happy go lucky too. I see the brat has told you how she cheats when we play, she tries to act all tomboy but really shes a softy with a funny sense of humour LOL ... a total fake hehehe.
Now me, I just love to keep her happy and when I get the chance I like to cuddle up and chill with her.
She is the clever one though and I will follow her lead even when it gets us into trouble but it doesn't last when I look at you and batt my eyelids and tip my head on one side :D
I love climbing so a nice cat tree would be nice so I can play at being King of the world and we can play hide and seek in it too, well we do need to be kept occupied so plenty of toys too please.
Well that's us what you see is what you get LOL
As I said,we are looking for a home together , so if you would like to come and visit us, please fill in the application to adopt form here.......................................................


CLYDE approx 12 weeks old
SKYE approx 12 weeks old
Flea treated & wormed
FREE 5 weeks insurance upon completion of adoption

Hi peoples, I'm Clyde and I'm a friendly and and confident cat. I am the one who is always on the go, I'm lean and agile and can get up to anywhere I want t be. Play time is fun because I can twist and turn on a penny ....HAHAHA can't tag meeeee!!!!! OOOhhh I know lets play twister, I would be ace at that :D

On the other side I am a gentle boy who takes care of my brothers and sisters and I make sure they are safe especially Skye, she's my bestie and we love each other to bits so we must go as a pair.

Heres Sky now...."Skye please tell these nice peoples about yourself".

Oh...Hi, yup I'm Skye and I am the busy, busy one. Always on the go whizzing here and there roughing and tumbling with my siblings and when I've had enough I am happy to cuddle up with Clyde for a snooze.

I'm pretty independant too and although my mind is always on kitten stuff and I often forget my hoomans are waiting impatiently for cuddles, I am sooooo happy when they pick me up for loves and tickly whisker kisses. I wish I could remember to look up occasionally and notice they are up there then I would get more loves but its......oh theres a ball byeeee *pounce*

Clyde.... "Shes soooo special LOL!"

If you would like to come and visit us, please fill in the application to adopt form here.......................................................

ARRON approx 12 weeks old
IONA approx 12 weeks old
Flea treated & wormed
FREE 5 weeks insurance on completion of adoption

Hi guys, I'm Arran. I'm a super friendly boy who enjoys the company of people and cats too.
I do love my cuddles LOL it makes me go all silly and makes me purr like crazy, I will roll over for tummy tickles and you have to oblige.

My favourite game is to play fighting with my brothers and sisters but I am also happy playing alone with my toys and as I am spoiled, I have lots of toys so I can choose which one is flavour of the day.

I'm such a happy boy and also sensible and I take everything in my stride *yawns* ahh laid back dude here.

I'm a right sticky beak and love to investigate new things and places..... well thats what they are there for arn't they?

Although I'm the biggest, I'm a gentle boy and will happily share food with my siblings and will even give them a bath afterwards, well they always miss a bit and we cant have grubby ears and whiskers can we? LOLOL.

Well thats me, I'll let Iona tell you a bit about herself.............

Heyyyyy, Iona here, I may be the smallest here but boy I have the biggest personality and I am the most curious of my brothers and sisters and also the bravest, play wrestling is best ...I do love a good smack down LOL and I always come out on top as because I'm tiny they let me win HAHAHA!!!!!!.
I'm always the first to investigate and explore and if you don't keep an eye on me I will be up to something I shouldn't or getting under your feet so you better watch where your walking, you will have to learn the KITTEN SHUFFLE..... ROFL.
I love getting all the attention and you better be ready because I will squeek for it and if needed I will elbow the rest out of the way because from where I'm sitting its all about me! But having said that when I get tired I will l take myself off for a little nap somewhere to recharge the batteries.
I love my brother soooo much that we are looking for a home together a I would miss him too much if we were separated, so if you would like to come and visit us, please fill in the application to adopt form here.......................................................

15.07.20 RONNIE, Female approx 18mths old
SPAYED, Microchipped, flea treated & wormed
FREE 5 weeks insurance on completion of adoption

My name is Ronnie and I would like to introduce myself to you. I'm not very good at being in the limelight so please bare with me.

I am quite a shy girl until I get to know you and I like the quiet peaceful life so I need an adult home and if you have smalls visiting I would like a place of my own to go to while they are there.
I am a bit hesitant at first but once I trust you I will give you everything, my heart, my love and my loyalty. Sitting by you and having fusses is my favourite, you will just need a bit of patience whilst I settle in and I get confident in my furever home.
Ohhh you don't know how long I have waited to say that...furever home, could you give me my furever home? If you do all my dreams will come true and I will share them all with you ❤

If you would like to come and meet this beautiful girl, please fill in the application to adopt form here ........

06.07.20 RESERVED
SEVILLE approx 1 year old
Neutered, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Hey my name is Seville and I am looking for my furever home.
This part of my story starts when I was handed into the vets with a badly cut leg. I was kept at the vets for 7 days as I was just a bit poorly. Everyone tried to find my owners but even after moving to my foster home and an appeal put out to locate my owners still nothing came...While I was at the vets I was castrated, such a long word for someone removing ya pompoms but after a week or so I wasn't so angry with them because my wanderust died down and I was quite happy being a home boy. Then my foster mum saw I was not well so I was rushed back to the vets where it was found I had pussy cat parvo and I was really ill again there for a while. but look at me now ...just a big hunk of lurrrrve. Now the only problem I have is that whilst I was poorly I would't eat so I was tempted with all sorts, bit of chicken here, little bit of white fish there and MMMMMmmmmmmmm TUNA!
You see to recover my diet had to be bland but I got a bit choiced mouthed didn't I... well come on lets be honest here if you were offered cat food or white fish, tuna and chicken ...what would you take???? Yes I want to hear you say it ..... LOL exactly, so this in now my diet. 4 meals a day, I refuse to eat cat food and believe me my foster mum has tried everything!!!

I love people and not bothered about other cats but you have to remember my diet, I won't steal your cats food but they may steal mine and I don't need to lose any weight, its been hard getting it back on.
I am very chatty and love to lie by you with my front half on your lap but if you are eating cake beware I will try and take it out of your hand.. I also love my toys and its your job to keep me occupied.
I also need two trays as I won't use the same one twice, so please be ready with ya pooper scooper This prince likes being pampered!!!!
Soooo if you think you would like to become my human slave please fill in the application to adopt form here..........................................................

26.06.20 - RESERVED
QUARTZ date of birth 22.08.19, neutered male, microchipped, wormed & flea treated
MOSES date of birth 23.10.19, neutered male, microchipped, wormed & flea treated
5 weeks free insurance on adoption

Quartz:- Hey guys it's me Quartz and my best friend Moses. We are looking for our forever home together as we are inseperable. We are both cheeky chappies and happy go lucky. Our favourite game is chase and you can usually hear us charging around like a herd of elephants (well that's what our foster mum says lol) We love our toys too and will stash them anywhere so be careful when you sit down hahaha! After all this playtime there is nothing better than curling up together for a well earned nap.

We need a home with no other animals as we can only eat biscuits (you know, the complete cat food stuff?). Wet food gives us runny tummies very bad and the farts are horrendous....

Moses:- Oh Quartz you said the F word :O You should say bad gas!

Quartz:- OK Ok, bad gas but either way it is very messy and very, very stinky if we have wet food! so we need dry food only. One thing that we must stipulate is cuddles, lots of cuddles, tickly whisker kisses and wet nose touches. We are very paws on pussy cats and over the top friendly so if you think you would like to come and meet us please fill in the application form to adopt here......
ADOPTION FEE £110 pair

18.06.20 SONNY JIM approx 14 years old
Neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed & flea treated

Hi its me Sonny Jim. I need a pet free home to retire to with someone to make me smile again, you see I am covid-19 orphan. Everything I knew has gone and I want some really special people to make me whole again. I was confused...where was my person and why were they not here with me? I was taken to another home where they are looking after me really well but I need my own home and peoples now.  I do love the quiet life and although I love attention, I am not a lap cat, I need companionship. I will when I have settled need access to the out doors as my favourite thing is lying in the sun or just chilling in the garden.  I love the sound of my food being opened and will be there at the double when its dinner time.

I'm no crazy cat, I don't play, I just love to be near you within reach of and ear scratch or a stroke.
If you think you may be able to mend my broken heart please fill in the application to adopt form here and one of the rehoming team will get back to you .........
Adoption fee......£55

09.05.20 RESERVED
28.01.20 WINDY 14 years old
Vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Hi guys, its me Windy here. I need a retirement home with someone who needs a bit of company without the full on hugging thing...I don't do huggy things at the moment, its all a bit too much gooey and mushy for me, Ahhh maybe in time but am an old guy stuck in my ways ..but I will come when I'm ready for fusses like the head scratches and ear tickles maybe the odd under the chin thing but thats about all you are gonna get for now.
I came into the rescue before Christmas and I wasn't in a great way, this hobo was a wanderer...not through choice, I was just down on my luck. My fur was matted, I was dirty and my teefs were rotten. I went to the vets, I needed a dental and a flippin good clean up. I wasn't so sure but HEY HO!!! Boy I'm a different cat now.
I am happy I promise but I like to sleep, I can be a grumpy bum but thats because I didn't have a lot to do with hoomans I'm learning what this inside thing is all about and boy I love it...comfy bed, my own space and people there when I want a bit of attention.
I am nosey LOL I'm a window sitter, watching the world go by in the warm...oh how I love the warm, no more cold rain soaking me and making me feel like there is nothing left to live for... I have a life now and I have a name, do you know how that makes me feel? To have a name might mean nothing to most but to me it tells me someones cares, that I matter, that I am worth something.
Could you offer me a forever home? No kids and would prefer to be an only furkid in the house.
Please fill in the application to adopt form here............................
ADOPTION fee applicable

16.05.20 - RESERVED
28.01.20 SPROUT approx 4 years
Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated & wormed.

Hey guys, I'm Sprout and I am looking for some nice understanding people to call my own.
I am a very loving boy with no malice in me at all, I'm a lover not a hater and even when playing with my toys I would rather cuddle them than beat them up LOL. I would happily be a lap cat always there ready for your attention, I will be the purrrfect companion, I have so much love to give, my little heart is bursting <3
I would like a quiet home as sometimes I get spooked by loud unexpected noises or movements once I have calmed down I will give you 'THE LOOK!' and then I want you to cuddle me all better. Probably because of this teenaged children only or a child free household.
I also don't mind laid back canines either as long as they are cat savvy..Live and let live is my motto!
Now if you think you would like to offer me a pawsome home please fill in the application to adopt form here ...................
Adoption fee £65

To adopt any of our cats please complete the adoption enquiry form