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Website Updated 20.02.19

PUSS, approx 6 years
Spayed, wormed & flea treated - will be microchipped
5 weeks free insurance

My name is Puss and this Puss is a very sad puss :( you see my little heart is broken because my daddy can't look after me any more. My daddy needs more help to look after himself and has moved into a hooman rescue where I cant go as he is poorly and so he did the hardest but bestest thing he could do and got me back to where he adopted me from so he knew I'd be safe. 

I was in this rescue when my daddy found me and he fell in love with me and we have had 5 wonderful years together.
I would sleep on his chest and we would have cuddles, I was his little shadow. I miss him so much but I know he also is safe and looked after.

So now I need a new home where I will be pampered and loved. I am purrrrfect in every way, a very in your face huggly, tickly whisker kisses girl, I'm a proper lap cat and I will follow you around when you are about.  Once settled and I feel safe I would love to have access to the outside as I love to go mooching but be warned I will bring you presents back so no squeeeeemish tummies lol.

I don't like dogs and have never lived with cats and to be fair what me and my daddy had was special and had all that we needed so it was ok for it to be only us. I am ok with kids as long as they are older and treat me gently with love. No hustle and bustle households as I'm used to the quiet and peaceful lifestyle.

Do you think you might have a me shaped hole in your life, if so please fill in the application to adopt form and if we match it would be wonderful if you could help my heart heal and be full of love again.


Adoption fee £ 55

27.01.19 MARTINI 2.5 years old
Spayed, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Hi guys, my name is Martini and I am a very friendly in my own space where I feel secure. I came in and I was like a feral but I worked extra hard at not being scared and became a brave girl, of course I still get spooked easily but I'm a work in progress, I just need gentle persuasion and an understanding family that will give me a chance. I need a quiet home with someone who will work with me and at my own pace. Somethings I like somethings I don't ...between us we have to work out what all those things are, but we can do it together because I rather like human company even if its not all hands on.
A couple of times I have forgotten myself and got a bit over enthusiastic and have given my foster mum a love bite when being fussed but it was an accident honest. It wasn't painful at all but if I forget myself again it might scare kids so over 12 children only.
I am still very warey of strangers even though I am ok with my foster mum so I need work here too.
I love to play on my own with any small toys I can throw around.
I do try and get your attention but I have no miaow, I tried really hard but it just comes out as a gravelly squeak but can do a lovely chirpy sound when she wants fusses.
I would love to be an only pet as I don't want to share any special times with my new family...
If you think you have time and a big heart to work with me and offer me my furever home please fill in the application to adopt form here...............

06.01.19 Gwen, female 2 years old
Spayed, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Hi, Hi, Hi,
I'm Gwen, I am a very sweet girl who loves head scratches and I am also very social! 

I can be a bit shy when meeting new people and in new surroundings but once I feel comfortable I am Miss Personality, and spend hours curled up at the side of you and wanting attention. I love to sleep and recharge my batteries ready for play and I do get on with other cats and I will follow them as I'm also very curious and my favourite thing is exploring, there are soooo many interesting places and smells and noises to check out.

I wouldn't be suitable to live with small children as I can be spooked if approached fast or unexpectedly, just let me know you are coming lol. 

Could you offer me my furever home? I'm a very easy going furball so would suit first time or experienced cat owners <
If you think I would fit into your life then please fill in the application to adopt form here..........



04.01.19 Fleur, female approx 5-6 months old
Spayed, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Now I'm a girl with cattitude
Sometimes I can appear rather rude
I will flick my tail and walk away
It's quite obvious I have nowt to say

I'm quite shy so need some time
Once settled in I will be quite fine
I am not a cat that will sit on your knee
I was a bit of a roughneck before you see

But fuss and strokes I do adore
I'll come right back for more and more
I love my toys they really rock
From a rattle ball to a holey sock

I'd love a home where I can chill
Do you think you would fit the bill?
Like I said I just need time
And You will see that I will shine
If you think you could offer me my furever home please fill in the application to adopt form here....


04.01.19 Buttons (ADOPTED), Socks (ADOPTED) & Calli (STILL AVAILABLE)
Females 20 weeks
Spayed, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Hi, my name is Buttons and as you can see I'm reallllly cute :), well I'm blowing my own trumpet here but don't you agree?  I love to be cuddled and groomed ohhhh yes grooming is soooo relaxing and with my fooofy hair I need it.
Me and my sis Calli are both out going and love the pampering but our sister Socks is a bit shy and to be honest a right baby and relies on both me and Calli to give her confidence, we would love to go as a trio but I'm not scared to go on my own and neither is Calli but Socks will have to go with one of us so one of us can look after her...she's not that bad just takes a while to get to know you. You can pick her up and groom her too, she just gives the odd hiss saying "Gerroff me!" rofl shes so funny. On the quiet she's quite cheeky, it just takes her a little longer to interact.  Now me I love to get into things and I'm nosey, I love playing and doing zoomies. Lots of toys are a must and a comfy bed for when I need to rest. But apart from the grooming I'm a doozer.

Hey guys Calli here ..I dunno what to say more than Buttons did, I too love to be held and groomed not that I need a lot of grooming but it's like a massage and makes me feel good. I love play time and will stalk the others hahaha I do like to make them jump when I suddenly pounce. I am an explorer, checking everything out and finding hidey holes these are the best for pouncing out on the unsuspecting (usually Buttons because she runs off and I chase her where as Socks just sits there with a "What did you do that for?" look on her face ...she's such a muppet but I luvs her). So if you would like to offer all three of us a home or two of us...one must include Socks or just one of us...please fill in the application to adopt form here................

ADOPTION FEE £55 for one
£85 a pair to include Socks
£120 all three

19.12.18 Victoria approx 2 years old
Spayed, microchipped, wormed & flea treated
Has had dental & eye removed

Hi I'm Victoria!
I was rescued on 12th September 2018. I am looking for my furever home but because of the hard times I have been through, it takes me a while to trust people.  I was living in a factory with my friends, but it was so hard to stay warm and get food, I was hungry all the time and I felt life would never get any better for me. I hurt my eye and that hurt too and I prayed for an angel to save me. Little did I know that there was more than one angel ready to help.

I was caught and taken to the rescue GEEZE! I thought how much worse can this life get....but I was wrong. I went to see a vet and they removed my broken eye and spayed me so I coudn't have any more babies.
I was warm and my belly was full. I thought this is heaven, but I still didnt trust these angels...Was it all a dream?

I was really scared of my foster parents at first, but they gave me lots of treats and cuddles so I know they love me. Gradually I started to trust them. They have cats of their own.. and I like them too, we head bump all the time.
I need somewhere that will allow me to explore and give me time to settle in and trust my new family and in return I will give lots of fuss and cuddles and tickly whisker kisses. I do love a chin scratch and I definitely love my food! My favourite game is hide and seek so if I go missing yu have to come find me lol

If you think you could offer me an understanding patient home, please fill in the application to adopt form here...........................


19.12.18 Loretta approx 18 months
Spayed, microchipped, wormed & flea treated

Hi, my name is Loretta and I am looking for my furever home. I am a happy out going girl who loves fusses and tickly whisker kisses. 

I am active and very playful and will follow you around once I get to know you. There is nothing I like better than to curl up and watch a bit of tv and snuggle up in a comfy bed to catch 40 winks and then I'm back on the prowl looking for fun. 

I should have been a detective as I'm into everything, checking things out and generally mooching and I keep an eye on everything going on around me...if somethings happened you can bet I saw it :D
If you think you would like to have me in your life, please fill in the application to adopt form here.............

Adoption fee £55

19.12.18 - RESERVED

26.11.18 Oreo approx 5-6 months old
Neutered, flea treated & wormed

Hey, Hey It's me Oreo, LOL my mum calls me batman because I'm always flying around.
"Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah O_R_E_OOOOO" :D go on admit it you sung along with me didn't you?
I love being around you so you are on hand for kisses and cuddles.
I'm on the go all the time ....THWAK there goes the ball....POW....one deaded catnip mousie...SMACK.....on your head
NOW WAKE UP ITS TIME TO PLAY!!!! (yes even in bed no ones safe from this loving little monkey)
My foster mum laughs and laughs at me and my antics.
All in all I'm a super happy kitten cat, full of the joys of life so I need peoples who will play with me and keep me occupied, if you think that coud be you, please fill in the application to adopt form here.........

Adoption fee £55

26.11.18 - CALICO 2 years old
Spayed, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Hi my name is Calico and I have had a very rough start to my life

I have been let down badly by my previous owner, let me tell you my story......

I was left outside never being allowed in the house, my friends and I were living confined to a chicken coop so we had very little human contact it was horrible and although my foster mom says I've come on in leaps and bounds I am still very unsure of the human touch. I know with the right person in my life, being sure but gentle with me and with patience I will start to trust, its just that I'm so scared at the moment, being inside with all the strange smells and noises I need chance to learn that these things are good things. There is a loving, trusting cat inside of me I just need the right person to bring it out, to help rid me of the insecurities I have. Please help me to become the cat I really want to be...
Are you my knight in shinning armour? Please give me the chance I deserve for a happier future in a furever home where I am loved.

If you would like to give me a chance to shine please fill in the application to adopt form here...............

Adoption fee £55

11.11.18 - COCO approx 3 years old
Spayed, microchipped, wormed and flea treated

Hi my name is Coco and I am looking for a home with people who are at home quite a bit as I am a very laid back and fussy, needing regular cuddles and love.   When I arrived at the rescue I was heavily pregnant and 2 days later I had 3 little kittens, my foster mum thought that something wasn't quite right so I was taken to the vets, they said there were kittens stuck and so they operated but unfortunately the other kittens were dead everyone was very sad. But I still had three wrigglies to concentrate on and I was a brilliant mum.

When they operated they also spayed me so I couldn't have more babies. All my kittens have gone to lovely homes and now its time for me to shine. As I said I would like my furever home to have plenty of time for cuddles and tickly whisker kisses and a lap to sit on at night, hey we can watch a bit of TV together and relax. Of course I would need a comfy bed and a warm fire or radiator to keep me warm, but apart from that, just love me and keep me safe.

If you think you could offer me a home please fill in the application to adopt form here


Adoption fee £55

26.11.18 RESERVED

21.10.18 Shady, approx 2-3 years, female
Spayed, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Updated 21.10.18 

Shady is the most beautiful and loving girl you could ask for and yet she is still with us.


Shady needs to be an only cat, she has had a bad start in life but has currently been in foster home for a few weeks and she has blossomed loving the freedom as she hated being in a cage, now her foster carer has decided she doesnt want to foster any more and Shady must be moved out. We do not have anywhere for her to go except back in a cage which will stress her out so much. There has to be someone out there that is looking for a feline companion who has love to give in spades.

Hi, my name is Shady and I am a complete lurrrve bug darrrlings. 

I would love a hooman slave who will be up for loves and cuddles when ever I need it, which will be mostly all the time, unless of course you are really busy, or I am getting my beauty sleep...not that I need it darrrlings.  I was a bit poorly when I came into the rescue with a big polyp at the back of my nose and when I had it taken out (it was causing huge problems) well then I got a kind of bells palsy and the one side of my face went all floppy, do you know what that does to a girls confidence? Well I was a bit peeved and worried too about my looks but it seems to have worn off now and my face is mostly normal thank goodness and I am back to being a Goddess :D

Sooo my lovelies if you are interested in offering me a home please fill in the application to adopt form here.................................

Adoption fee £65

14.11.18 Mary - approx 7 months old - 
Spayed female, microchipped, wormed and flea treated

Hi my name is Mary and I am looking for a furever home that will love me unconditionally.

I'm a little shy at first but soon come out of my shell and then I'm a cheeky little minx who loves nothing better than to race around and play. I will chase anything and love to play hide and seek. Will you be my hide and seek partner? OK lets try it, 1,2,3,4,5..........oh I can't wait lol OOPS! there you are lol, see this is fun.

Now I know you a bit better lets sit and have a chat about how much love I have to give, please feel free to stroke me and give me tickles under my chin. I do like people to spoil me, sooooooo if you think you would like me to join your family, please fill in the application to adopt form here.........



16.08.18 Polly, female, 2.5 years old
Spayed, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Polly 2 1/2 years old. Spayed, microchipped, de-flead and wormed
Hi my names Polly and I am loking for a hooman slave...and I'm very picky and demanding so you better be ready to give me your undivided attention lol.
I wouldn't like to share my home with other animals, I just wanna be by my self with my family to have cuddles and kisses. It would be nice if someone was around quite a bit too so I don't get lonely.
So if you would like to share your home with me please fill in the application to adopt form here.......

Adoption fee £65