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Welcome to our Cats Rehoming Page - Updated 23.09.20

As from 24th September 2020, sadly we are CLOSED to new cat and kitten at present

Please adopt a long stay cat!

To offer any of our cats their forever homes, please complete the adoption enquiry form

We have many more cats within the rescue, sadly we are unable to prepare them for adoption due to the current restrictions.  Please look out on our Facebook page for future announcements regarding Covid-19.  

We are still incurring costs for the care of our animals, if you are able to help us please donate £1.00 via Paypal to info@theanimalhouserescue.co.uk (please select Friends & Family option to ensure every penny of yours goes to the animals).  We are also accepting donations of cat food from our supporters, if you wish to donate food to the rescue, then please email us on info@theanimalhouserescue.co.uk

Thank you all for your continued support

FRANKIE & BANDIT females 10 weeks old
Wormed and flea treated
5 weeks free insurance on completion of adoption

Hi, Frankie here. I'm looking for a furever home with my sister Bandit cos I'm teaching her to be cute and awesome like me. We were born in foster care and if I'm honest life has been pretty sweet so far but our foster mummy says that when we get adopted we would have lots of room to explore, toys and a family of our own to play with and that sounds fantastic. Bandit and I can keep hoomans entertained for hours cos we love to explore and play together. When we've tired ourselves out we love to cuddle up together.
Hello, I'm Bandit. I'm the littlest of all my sisters but don't let that fool you, I'm also the cleverest. I can work out the best way into explore places and find hidden treats and if you ever find me somewhere I perhaps shouldn't be I'm also clever enough to know one look at my cute, little face and you'll forgive me. When I'm tired I love a cuddle on your nap or next to you on the sofa. Apart from my sisters I'm not a big fan of other animals so no other cats or dogs please, just plenty of toys and affection!
If you would like to meet us please fill in the application to adopt form here....................
Adoption fee £95

SMOKEY, male, date of birth 30.04.16
Neutered, microchipped, 1st part vaccination, wormed & flea treated
5 weeks free insurance on completion of adoption

Hey there, the names Smokey, im definitely the one you’ve been searching for 
I came into the rescue a little bit under the weather, swollen lumps in my ear-was so irritating and painful but ive had an operation, plenty of R&R and I feel like a new man!
My foster mommy says im the perfect cat, love nothing more than to curl up on your lap or in your arms- my favourite position is to place my head on your chest and hear your heart beat with love, its amazing, I fall fast asleep!
Even though im super loving and can easily replace your shadow I also like my independence so you dont need to keep me in. My foster mommy has Had to keep me in whilst I've been healing but im sooo ready to explore the outside again, I mean I was a stray cat at one point!
Did you know, before I came to my foster mommy I had a very important job, I was a key worker-yes you heard right, a key worker, in an elderly home. I was responsible for love- All those laps, cuddles and affection, was heaven!! Unfortunately due to my bad ear they weren't able to keep me but after a couple of days at foster moms I enjoyed my new retirement from work and have just had fun.
OMG Mom has amazing toys, string, balls there's one that has A red light on and I HAVE to catch it! I run up, down all round the house trying to get it, you should try it!!
Now although foster mommy says I'm the perfect cat-cuddles, lap sleeps, cat tray, nail cutting, tummy rubs-even the vets love me, I do have one flaw, I know, who’d have thought I would eh! I don't know why but I don't like travelling in the car. My anxiety gets the best of me, I cant help it, I've tried. I accidentally poop each time mom takes me to the vets.....Its not the destination that bothers me its the journey! I'd like think in time I can past this but my foster mommy always makes sure she has baby wipes to hand
If you would like to meet me please fill in the application to adopt form here .............

COTTON & CORAL (BONDED PAIR), date of birth 01.05.19
Spayed, microchipped, wormed and flea treated
5 weeks free insurance on completion of adoption

Hey guys, we are two beautiful girls looking for a super special understanding home with pawsome people who will 'get' what we need in life. Our start wasn't good, living in a feral colony our early weeks were living like wild animals. We thought that it was funny to scare people, hissing and spitting at them and watching them run away - we were ASBO kittens.
Then a rescue came and trapped us all, mums, dads and babies all went into the rescue. The ones that could had operations so they couldn't make new babies.

The lovely people at the rescue found homes, rural farms and stables so the others could be safe and enjoy their lives but we really didn't fancy going back to that after living it up inside with food on tap and comfy warm beds.

We have been working hard and now trust our foster mum and will play and come for fusses on our terms but are still wary of quick movements and sudden noises - especially that thing with wheels that makes a roaring noise and sucks up dust and the cat litter we accidentally lose out of the tray.

It will take a while for us to calm down in a new home and you must realise that we probably won't ever be cuddle bums, but we do have love filled hearts, and that when we have been with you a few months we would like to go out and mooch about so will need a cat flap. We are labelled as semi-feral and like to do our own thing so what we need is a mummy/daddy/both that will work with our trust issues. We would need somewhere away from roads and we would work to deal with any rodent problems you may have but at the same time would like to be able to come back inside to our comfort place in the house.

Is there anyone out there that will give us a chance? We do like fusses but it takes time for us to trust. If you would like more information please fill in the appication to adopt form here................

CAPTAIN JACK (CJ), approx 4-5 years old
Neutered, microchipped, wormed & flea treated
5 weeks free insurance upon completion of adoption

Oh Arrhh! It be Captain Jack here or CJ to me friends me lads and lassies. I find meself landlocked and needing a new place to call my own. A nice quiet berth for me to rest me bones.

Now listen up me hearties because I do have some foibles - you pick these up when fending for yaself without shipmates to have your back. I crave hooman attention but sometimes I get myself all over excited and then I get all silly and need to get away for a bit. Once I have got over meself I am back to me old demeanor.

I love to play with lots of toys and watching the world go by from the crows nest (window sill) is a favourite pass time. I will need a house where I can, after a suitable settling in period, go outside. No main roads please or busy areas as I has only got me one eye so am at a disadvantage seeing things properly don't ya know.....ya don't get these problems on the high seas I can tell ya!
No skalliwags under 14 years old because of me foibles...Savy?

If you would like to parley, heave ho and fill in the application to adopt form here me mateys and one of me crew will explain more..........................................

SHIRO, female, approx 18-24 months old
Spayed, wormed, flea treated.
5 weeks free insurance on completion of adoption

Shiro is deaf and will need an appropriate home either with a catio or a cat secure garden for her to access, if you can't offer her what she needs please do not apply. Her safety is of the utmost importance and she would not be happy as a house cat locked in all the time.

Hi lovely people, my name is Shiro and I am looking for my furever home with a special family with no children under 14 years of age, you see we can't take the chance of me getting out of a front door or window as I am deaf and need a secure place to call my own so I do like to mooch in the garden and to sunbathe, only for a little bit though because I have to watch my tips...noose and ears as I am white and we burn in the sun, maybe you could get me an umbrella to shade me

I was let out at my old home and I hadn't had THE op so I got pregnant. I have brought my babies up now and they are nearly ready for homes of their own but not quite yet. After I will have that operation so I can have no more babies.This is a huge relief for me as I was constantly keeping an eye on the floof balls because I couldn't hear if they were worried wanting my presence. This made me sad...although being deaf doesn't bother me as I have live this way all my life, I kept thinking what if my babies need me and I miss something.

Now the kids are older I can be myself a bit more, I am a cheeky, fun loving girl who loves to play and I pride myself in being a total pawfect purrrr machine, everything makes me happy, chasing balls and furry toys, big cuddle time on the sofa and just chillaxing watching the world go by.

If you have the facilities to keep me safe and would like to meet me, please fill in the application to adopt form here............................


15.07.20 RONNIE, Female approx 18mths old
SPAYED, Microchipped, flea treated & wormed
FREE 5 weeks insurance on completion of adoption

My name is Ronnie and I would like to introduce myself to you. I'm not very good at being in the limelight so please bare with me.

I am quite a shy girl until I get to know you and I like the quiet peaceful life so I need an adult home and if you have smalls visiting I would like a place of my own to go to while they are there.
I am a bit hesitant at first but once I trust you I will give you everything, my heart, my love and my loyalty. Sitting by you and having fusses is my favourite, you will just need a bit of patience whilst I settle in and I get confident in my furever home.
Ohhh you don't know how long I have waited to say that...furever home, could you give me my furever home? If you do all my dreams will come true and I will share them all with you ❤

If you would like to come and meet this beautiful girl, please fill in the application to adopt form here ........

To adopt any of our cats please complete the adoption enquiry form