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Cats available for Adoption
Updated 28.03.21

Please adopt a long stay cat!

To offer any of our cats their forever homes, please complete the adoption enquiry form

We have many more cats within the rescue, sadly we are unable to prepare them for adoption due to the current restrictions.  
Please look on our Facebook page for future announcements regarding Covid-19.   

We are still incurring costs for the care of our animals, if you are able to help us please donate £1.00 via Paypal to 
info@theanimalhouserescue.co.uk (please select Friends & Family option to ensure every penny of yours goes to the animals).  
We are also accepting donations of cat food from our supporters, if you wish to donate food to the rescue, 
then please email us on info@theanimalhouserescue.co.uk

Thank you all for your continued support!

WINDY, female, date of birth 10.03.2009
Spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated
5 weeks free insurance upon completion of adoption

Hi guys, its me Windy. I am in need of a special understanding furever home with a patient pawrent. I'm a bit of a work in progress you see. I got my name because when I came in I was very windy LOL I jumped at everything and most thing scared me to death but I'm a lot better now and I quite like hooooman interaction. I'm a quiet girl and I love to head bump for attention and if I can't see you I will come and find you but if you are busy I'll just settle down and catnap beside you.

Now for my dislikes, although I love my head and neck rubbed, I don't like my back stroked or being picked up and I will get grumpy, I'm not nasty with it but I will let you know that its not good to do that with a hiss, I just get scared with certain things.  Once I settle in I love to play so toys are a must and a bit of rope will keep me occupied for ages.
I wouldn't want to live with young kids but teenagers would be fine and it would be nice for me to be the only furbaby so I don't have to vie for attention and quite frankly those canine kids scare the life out of me ...all that sniffy stuff and nudging LOL.

If you think you may be able to offer me the most purrrfect home then please fill in the application to adopt form here...............................
Adoption fee.....£85

AMBER, female, 7+ years
Spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated
5 weeks free insurance upon completion of adoption

Helloooo all you lovely peoples out there. My name is Amber and I am looking for my puuurrrrrrfect furever home. Could you be the one?

I need someone to be my personal slave as I am loving and gentle and really love to sit on your lap for fusses and cuddles because being close to you is the bestest thing ever I would prefer a quiet home without young children as hustle and bustle isn't my thing and maybe the only furbaby as I would like allll the attention.
*yawns* I just love to chillax *purrrrrrr*

I am more of a dry food girl and not really interested in wet food but you can always tempt me with a bit of chicken or tuna  I won't say no LOL

I love the home life and not all that interested in the great outdoors so a cat flap would be handy as if I do go out for a bit of fresh air I'm not out long or go that far and if I'm out and your out and I couldn't get in I wouldn't be happy.
My heart is bursting with love and its all for that special person, so if you think that could be you, please fill in the application to adopt form here...............................
Adoption fee.....£85

OLIVER, male, date of birth 01.07.20
Vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flea treated
5 weeks free insurance on completion of adoption


Well hello everybody, my name's Oliver and I've got a bit of a reputation as a charmer. Everybody who has met me at Animal House has fallen in love with me and I've even got my foster family's two grumpy cats to start liking me (no other cat has ever pulled that off!).

I'm a Bengal so naturally have beautiful markings but I'm also very sociable. I'd love a house with people who like to play and I'm happy to play with other animals too. I like a lot of stimulation- toys are great but they are just so much more fun when there is someone else to play with! I want to explore everything and I have a bit of a cheeky side: you may have seen the photo of me trying to open the door by hanging from the handle- it would have worked too if the sneaky humans didn't have a lock on that door. When I've tired myself out with my antics I love to find a comfy spot on the sofa or somebody's lap and just chill out.

I had some real trouble with my tummy before I came to Animal House but they got me on a special diet and I feel great now. My foster family still pays close attention to what I eat but they've been introducing regular kitten food into my diet as well as the special stuff and that's just great. I'll take any opportunity to try and find the "real" food and get to it but that's just another part of my charming cheekiness.

I do have limited vision in one eye due to an old injury but it doesn't affect me at all and I think it gives me a rakish devil may care look LOL
I love space to explore so a home with a cat-safe garden or catio is a must. I've got so much love to give and I can't wait to start my new life with my forever family.
if you think you maybe the right home for this little Prince, please fill in the application to adopt form here...........


SPARKLES male 6 years old approx
Neutered, microchipped, wormed and flea treated

Hi guys, my name is Sparkles and I am looking for my furever home.
I came to the rescue as a hobo, a wanderer down on my luck. I used to visit a lovely lady who put food out for me and one day she noticed I was having trouble eating so she got in touch with The Animal House.
I had to go to the vets as my mouth was really sore and they said I needed a dental because my teefs were making me ill. I'm thinking scale and polish and I'll be as good as new..........but NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
I had loads of teefs out, my days of bone crunching are over but on the plus side I have yummy food on tap

Whilst I was recovering, I lay there and remembered when this was the normal for me....once I was loved, this days seemed so far away. Now I'm back from those memories and this is REAL, I'm so happy even though I can be a little jumpy with loud noises and I do hate the hoover but I soon calm down and I'm back looking for head rubs and tickle chins.  Only thing is I get all purry and silly I dribbles a bit cuz of me teefs gaps, that's OK isn't it? When you feed me I gets all excited and try and meow to say thank you but it comes out as little squeaks, my foster mum says I'm adorable.

I'm not a fan of being picked up and I didn't like being restrained to have me medicine when me teefs were done, but I do forgive quickly if more lengthy fusses are applied in the correct spots.

So now I'm fully recovered I'd like an adult only home...teenagers are acceptable as long as they know how to give appropriate attention to me LOL and I would love a cat flap to come and go .... after I'v settled in of course and the weathers better but I really do like this home life 

If you think you cold offer me a loving home, please fill in the application to adopt form here..........
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