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Welcome to our Cats Rehoming Page - Updated 01.04.20

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Faye......approx 20 weeks, chipped, wormed and flea treated to date

Oh guyyyysss, guys? Guys? Oh there you are, I didn't see you there LOL! I have defective sight no one knows how much I can see but it doesn't stop me, I'm stil out going and active. Some times I may spook if something makes me jump I don't notice but I soon calm down and its back to madness and mayhem :D
I have to be an indoor cat only because of my eyesight but that's good because I love to tear around and I like catnip toys as I can follow my nose and teddies ...I love teddies hahah ...my nose is good for treats too, you hide I can go seek and of course I love climbing on my scratch post.
I am OK with dogs and cats but I can be a bit rough when I play so I don't mind being an only cat as long as there is someone at home to keep me company a lot of the time and we can sit and contemplate live together.
If you think I might be purrrfect for you please fill in the application to adopt form here......
Adoption fee £55


Queen B affectionately known as B , 4 years old, spayed, flea treated and wormed to date, vaccinations started
Will come with 5 weeks free insurance on completion of adoption forms

Heyyyyy my loyal subjects, Queen B here.
Having been displaced form my previous castle, I find myself looking for furever accomodation with someone who will keep me in that manor I was born to.
I'm a purrrfect puss who needs to be pampered on a comfy lap and if you are eating I will try to share too, paws in the crisp bag and everything LOL, of course I prefer my own food and the odd treat..not too many as a I have to watch my figure but theres nothing like a bit of indulgence every now and then to keep this girl happy.
Being royalty I love to sit in my tower and watch out of the window at the people going by and wondering if one of them could possibly be my human slave, do you think that could be you?
If so please fill in the application to adopt form here ...................................

24.02.20 LIZZY  approx 16 months old
Spayed, microchipped, flea treated and wormed
Will be vaccinated
5 weeks free insurance

Hi, my name is Lizzie and I'm looking for my furever home.
I've had a very full life and not all of it's been good. I had a litter of kittens when Animal House took me in and I was very nervous of all hoomans and didn't realise how caring and fun some of them can be.
Once they had gotten me all healthy and spayed the rescue found a nice foster house for me but everything was new and I was so very scared. I hid away all day long and barely ate and if anybody did come near me I would hiss and scratch, well I'm used to having to protect myself you see. Every day though there has been fresh food and a warm clean bed for me and toys and even treats. The people here want to be my friends and it's made me realise that I actually really do want a home of my own with people who will love me and give me lots of cuddles and let me curl up with them when they watch the tv.
It's surprised me to learn that I actually really like fuss as long as it's on my terms. My foster mummy says I'm actually a bit of a 'naughty tortie' now I'm getting my confidence up because I keep climbing in boxes and places she doesn't expect me.
What I'd really like is a patient family who understands it will take me a little bit of time to warm up but I will be worth the wait. No children under 10 as I still sometimes lash out if something scares me, its a case of hit first then think what a silly move that was, I always promise I will remember to think first the next time but this is a work in progress. I am still learning to trust my hoomans.
No cats please; my fosterhouse has a cat that lives in the mirror and my hoomans tell me it's just my reflection, whatever that means'. Whichever way, everytime I see her I give her a warning hiss and she has the nerve to hiss back at me. My foster family find this hysterically funny but it just makes me think I want a home where I can have my hoomans all to myself, I really don't want to share!

All I need is some understanding and patient hoomans willing to let me settle in and help me to shine, because I have the brightest light inside just waiting to illuminate your world with love.

Please come and meet me, just fill in the application to adopt form here ................


28.01.20 TWINKLE approx 4 years
Spayed, flea treated & wormed

Hey potential hooman slaves out there, how would you like a princess in your life?
Well if you need one I'm your girl, all full of sass and class :D
I'm a complete cuddle bum and would love to live with a family with sensible kids if they will play with me and give me fusses on demand.
I don't like dogs they are much to...well...urgh nooooo. This princess is much tooo upper class to have a dog in my purrrrfect home.
At some point when the weather gets better (much to wet and muddy at the moment) I would like to venture out and catch some rays...you will buy me my own sun lounger won't you? At the moment I just love lying on my bed and chillaxing.
If you think you could offer this posh paws a home please fill in the application to adopt form here............................

28.01.20 WINDY 14 years old
Vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Hi guys, its me Windy here. I need a retirement home with someone who needs a bit of company without the full on hugging thing...I don't do huggy things at the moment, its all a bit too much gooey and mushy for me, Ahhh maybe in time but am an old guy stuck in my ways ..but I will come when I'm ready for fusses like the head scratches and ear tickles maybe the odd under the chin thing but thats about all you are gonna get for now.
I came into the rescue before Christmas and I wasn't in a great way, this hobo was a wanderer...not through choice, I was just down on my luck. My fur was matted, I was dirty and my teefs were rotten. I went to the vets, I needed a dental and a flippin good clean up. I wasn't so sure but HEY HO!!! Boy I'm a different cat now.
I am happy I promise but I like to sleep, I can be a grumpy bum but thats because I didn't have a lot to do with hoomans I'm learning what this inside thing is all about and boy I love it...comfy bed, my own space and people there when I want a bit of attention.
I am nosey LOL I'm a window sitter, watching the world go by in the warm...oh how I love the warm, no more cold rain soaking me and making me feel like there is nothing left to live for... I have a life now and I have a name, do you know how that makes me feel? To have a name might mean nothing to most but to me it tells me someones cares, that I matter, that I am worth something.
Could you offer me a forever home? No kids and would prefer to be an only furkid in the house.
Please fill in the application to adopt form here............................
ADOPTION fee applicable

28.01.20 SPROUT approx 4 years
Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated & wormed.

Hey guys, I'm Sprout and I am looking for some nice understanding people to call my own.
I am a very loving boy with no malice in me at all, I'm a lover not a hater and even when playing with my toys I would rather cuddle them than beat them up LOL. I would happily be a lap cat always there ready for your attention, I will be the purrrfect companion, I have so much love to give, my little heart is bursting <3
I would like a quiet home as sometimes I get spooked by loud unexpected noises or movements once I have calmed down I will give you 'THE LOOK!' and then I want you to cuddle me all better. Probably because of this teenaged children only or a child free household.
I also don't mind laid back canines either as long as they are cat savvy..Live and let live is my motto!
Now if you think you would like to offer me a pawsome home please fill in the application to adopt form here ...................
Adoption fee £65

12.01.20 HARRY approx 3 years
Neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, flea treated and wormed
* Harry has a grade 2-3 heart murmur*

Oi, yes, yes I'm talking to you ...Its me Harry, I find myself in need of a furever home, could you possibly see your way to helping me out here?
I'm a good boy, very vocal and always ready for a chat. I love chillaxing on a warm window ledge and watching the world go by. I do play occasionally and then please watch out because my foster dad says I'm like a bull in a china shop LOL
Now I do have a food intollerance ...ok, ok calm down its not that bad...well unless you feed me the wrong food and then it can get pretttty messy and stinky. I can only eat fish flavoured supermarkets own brand food, see I told you it wasn't that bad LOL..... I am cheap to run :P
Oh yeh ...the dicky ticker thing, doesn't worry me at all, I do all the normal things cats do and more :D
I get along with cats, dunno how that would work with the food thing though. But I could live with a laid back doggie dude or dudette as long as it was cat savvy!
If you would like to meet you new purrrfect pal who has a whole lotta love to give please fill in the adoption form here.......

05.11.19 Frankie, male, approx 2 years old
Neutered, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Heyyyy Frank here looking for a home with a bit of understanding and patience. Now don't get me wrong, I love head scratches and strokes and I will sit by you, I love to play but I'm a bit of a grumble guts LOL you can pick me up and I will mutter under my breath, but there isn't nasty bone in my body.  I just go *Mumble, Mumble* hahaha. My foster mum asks me what are you grumbling at now? .... I'm like ...Nufink at all I'm just ...yehhhhhh LOL  I came into the recue when I found myself lost. I was cold and wet, I really didn't feel good at all so I followed my nose and hid in a garden ... Ha! I'm not silly the garden I picked was a rescuer's BINGO! Sadly although I was chipped it hadn't been registered. The rescue looked for anyone that had lost a beauty like me but no one came forward soooo here I am. I get on OK with the other cats here so could live with other laid back dudes or dudettes like me.  I would love to meet you so if you think I may be the one for you please fill in the application to adopt form here.......

To adopt any of our cats please complete the adoption enquiry form