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Website Updated 18.06.19


2019 has seen the rescue working flat out dealing with the ever increasing stray and abandoned adult cats and kittens.
Here are just a small selection of cats & kitties currently in the rescue.  We will update as and when they are looking for their forever homes.

The Animal House Rescue doesnt have a rescue centre, instead of using kennelling facilities we have a network of local foster carers.  Our foster carers open up their hearts and homes to animals, that are homeless through no fault of their own.  Without our foster homes we would not be able to help as many animals that we do. 

Foster carers are an important part of our rescue network and we are forever greatful for their help.  If you feel this is something for you, please click on the button to complete our application form.

We have many animals in our care that are undergoing assessments and not available for adoption yet.

Click on our logo to visit our Available Soon page.


18.06.19 EVIE approx 2 years old
Wormed & Flea Treated (Will be spayed & microchipped before rehoming)

Hi my name is Evie and I would lurve a home to share with some hooman slaves who will be there to give me pampering and kisses and cuddles.  I had an accident too a while ago and lost half my tail but this doesn't make me any less beautiful and adorable. In fact it makes people look twice and I enjoy the attention.  I am not bothered by dogs either so as long as the dog is cat savvy I wouldn't mind sharing the love 

I am a supurr friendly girl who was let down by people and wasn't spayed. The result was 4 beautiful babies who I am very proud of, but I hear people saying there are too many unwanted cats and kittens and that makes me sad because humans have a choice not to have babies but us cats can't go and get the pill and those rampant tom cats sure dont carry protection! Humans can make that decision for us and have us neutered *sighs*.

I have to go and have that operation so I can't have any more babies so I won't be ready to go to my new home for about three weeks but please if you think you would like an adorable pussy cat to call your own, fill in the application to adopt form here ........................

18.06.19 MR TOM 9 weeks old
Wormed & Flea Treated

Hey, hey, heyyyy, its me Mr Tom ready to go to my furever home, yes people Mr Tom is ready for kisses and cuddles and spoiling! Are you the one to do it? This crazy kitty is a man on a mission....I love getting into things and causing mayhem LOL.  Play hide and seek with me? ...BOO! I got ya hahaha. Look there's a toy lets kill it.... BOOM!
Cammon chase me, ROFL, nope you're not fast enough...here I am!!!  OOOh now I'm tired time for a power nap, can I cuddle with you for a while?

I don't mind sharing my new life with my brother or sister so please take a look at them too their names are Tomio and Tomika.  I have a lot of love to give and my heart is full so please if you would like to come and meet me, please fill in the application to adopt form here ........................
ADOPTION FEE £55 (£95 pair)

18.06.19 TOMIO 9 weeks old
Wormed & Flea Treated

I'm Tomio and I am quite the showman. I love to strut my stuff and show off when ever I can, I'm a cheeky boy full of character and ready for you to be my audience. I will perform with my toys to make you laugh and do crazy things just to get your attention. I love to be cuddled because then its all about me LOL . In the words of the song....

Look out 'cause here I come (look out 'cause here I come)
And I'm marching on to the beat I drum (marching on, marching, marching on)
I'm not scared to be seen
I make no apologies, THIS IS ME!

I am more than ready for my furever home and it would be nice if my brother or sister could come too so please check out their photos too its Mr Tom and Tomeka
Would you like to come and meet me? if so please fill in the application to adopt form here ........................

18.06.19 TOMIKA 9 weeks old
Wormed & Flea Treated

Hey guys, I'm Tomika and I am a real girly girl. I love being pampered and kissed and cuddled and adored:D and my favourite place is where ever you are. My heart is full of love and its all for you. I am a very gentle and laid back happy little furbaby and I can't wait for us to meet, I can guarantee it will be love at first sight, I can see it now, you sitting n the sofa watching TV and me curled up on your lap or you and I sunbathing in the garden...when summer finally gets here, if not we will watch the raindrops together as they roll down the window pain. I will chase them and you will laugh but we will be content.
I wouldn't mind if one of my brothers cme to live with me too, I do luvs them so much so check them out too Mr Tom and Tomio
If you think you have a me shaped hole in your life, please fill in the application to adopt form here ........................

18.06.19 - Basset & Haribo, 7 weeks old
Wormed & flea treated

Although these little guys are 7 weeks, Haribo us tiny and so they won't be available for adoptn for another three weeks, so we are taking reservations.

Hey Hey Hey Its the terrible twosome here. We are a cheeky pair that love nothing more than playing zoomies with each other and stealing each others toys and running off with them. I'm Bassett and I'm the biggest but Haribo is the one with the lion heart, he's always into everything first, OK it looks like butter wouldn't melt but believe me he's good at looking innocent LOL. Me I'm the sneaky one, I'll sneak his toys and hide them, I'll sneak onto your lap for cuddles but it's not long before Haribo is there too, he's not only my brother, he's my bestest friend too. 

We can't wait for our furever home cuz its going to be so exciting new smells and new places to investigate. "COME ON HARIBO ....GROWWWWWWW. He is trying very hard, I think he needs to be planted in compost to help him along LOL, I do keep trying, if he gets into the litter tray with me I bury him...he comes out shaking cat litter off his whiskers and I just giggles at him standing there all GRRRRRR. 

Sooo if you would like this pair of clowns in your life please fill in the application to adopt form here so you can come and meet us and my foster mum can then sort a home check for us..........................

11.06.19 TARA approx 3 years old
Flea treated and wormed
Will be spayed and microchipped before rehoming.

This girl will be ready in 3 weeks time ...taking a reservation only at this time.

Hi, my name is Tara and I am looking for a special home with people that will love me furever. I was found as a stray with my kittens in a garden and came into the rescue. I didn't have much of a life before, I just spent my time wandering around hoping someone would like me enough to give me a chance not shoo me away as a dirty stray.
I am a small girl with a very big heart thats full of love for the right person. My kittens have grown and are ready for homes of their own, me too. All I ask is a comfy bed, toys to keep me occupied and arms to hold me tight and show me the love I haven't known for a long, long time.
I am only ickle and won't take up much room so if you think you could offer me a place to finally call my own please fill in the application to adopt form here..........................


18.06.19 Jax (male) & Wendy (female) - RESERVED   
Flea treated & wormed
Reserves being taken at this point
Will be rehomed as pairs only


Hi guys we are 4 very sweet natured kittens who are looking for our furever homes. We like to play and roll around the floor and chase each ther till we are all tired out. We love our food and a nice bit of chicken as a treat every now and then.

Cuddles are a must we like to snuggle down on a lap or in your arms and catch some zzzzz's before we are off again because playing zoomies and peek a boo is our favourite, watch us do spookie tails when one or other jumps out to try and scare us.

Its very lonely when kittens go to homes on their own so we have to go in pairs, we arn't fussed who goes with who as long as we have company when we go out into the big scarey world.

So if you have a double kitten shaped hole in your life please fill in the application to adopt form here and make our dreams come true.............................................................
ADOPTION FEE £95 per pair

Pair One - Herbie & Bentley (males)
Pair Two - Porche (female) & Jensen (male)
8  weeks old, wormed & flea treated

Heeeey how are you guys doing? Could you please take a look at our pics and read our story?
We came from a scrap yard and we were living in and old scrap car. Mum has done her best for us and we have grown up good and strong but its no life living like that and very, very dangerous.

A lovely lady called Lou and her partner Steve came and rescued us, what a job they had, we were scared and hiding and Steve had to empty the car of all the bits to get to us. We went back with them as she is a foster mum for the rescue and we got warm beds and as much food as we wanted. We had to have some medicine too, our foster mom said it was good for us EUGHHHH!!!!! really? It was horrible yukky stuff, wormer they called it and we had to have it for three days. She said it was to get rid of any wriggly things inside ...... wahhh we don't want wriggly things inside, but we don't want wormer stuffs either! She says they are all gone now so that's really good news.

We have been finding our feet and now are playful and we have all this room to explore and hide in, we likes our cuddles and are cheeky babies looking for our purrrrfect furever families, we are eating well and love our food. Toys are really fun to play with and we needs plenty to keep us occupied and a soft comfy bed to grab 40 winks so we can be ready to go again lol. Please open your hearts, we have lots of love to give and lots of laughs too.

If you think we might be the ones for you please fill in the application to adopt form here........................
ADOPTION FEE £95 per pair.

09.06.19 - Badger, 7 weeks old
Flea treated & wormed
Reserves being taken at this point

Hey guys its me Badger the Brave. I came into the rescue with my mum and two brothers. They like to stick together but me, I'm right there into everything full of confidence and getting into trouble. LOL When I'm zooming round you will now where I'v been and meows of sorry....oops ...sorry will be heard from a distance hehehe. I will make you laugh with my antics and when I'm all tuckered out I love to be cuddled and stroked until I fall asleep, its only a catnap to recharge my batteries and then I'm off again. 

I can't wait to grow up and see the big wide world out there everything is exciting and new and I am ready for it....

I am living in foster with cats and dogs so as long as they are sensible and laid back I'm sure I wouldn't mind sharing our furever home, but please no young children as they poke and pull ears (unless they are very well trained too).
If you think I might be the one for you please fill in the application to adopt form here........................

09.06.19 Smudge & Tiger, 7 weeks old
Flea treated & Wormed
Reserves being taken at this point.

Hello my name is Tiger. We arrived at the rescue with my mum and settled in here quickly .
We are all friendly and slightly crazy furballs who love to play and rag tag with each other spooking and bouncing and jumping and running and ohhhhh I am tired just thinking of all we get up to, but after all the shenanegans we all go flop and you will hear us snoring away,...don't be fooled LOL ...these are just power naps and very soon we will be ready to go again.
We love tickly whisker kisses and cuddles are a must, saying that I am still a little timid and not the first one into things and need my brother Smudge with his confidence for me to stand behind and peek around ..if he says its OK then I'm happy to follow. So there we are we come as a pair.

We are living in foster with cats and dogs so as long as they are sensible and laid back I'm sure we wouldn't mind sharing our furever home, but please no young children as they poke and pull ears (unless they are very well trained too).

If you think we might be the ones for you please fill in the application to adopt form here........................

09.06.19 - KYLIE female approx 8 months
Wormed, flea treated (will be neutered & microchipped before rehoming)

Hello my name is Kylie. I arrived here at the rescue with my 3 babies, Badger, Smudge and Tiger who I have brought up all by myself, and I have to say it, I think I have done a good job and I am very proud of myself and my babies.

Now my babies are ready for their own adventures and so this is now my time to shine, to get a family who will love me and give me the attention I have never had. I want nothing more than to find my very own place...... my furever home, which I soooo dream about.

My foster mummy says I'm a very friendly outgoing girl and a non-stop purr bag lol, I can't help it I am soooo happy now I love to play and I'm really catching up on my kitten

 stage I never had, fusses are the best and soft cuddles ahhhhhhh they are heaven. In fact I'm loving life. My world was one of being chased by tom cats and they were really rough and then my kittens to look after, dark times, but now its full of light and love and this girl couldn't be happier.

I can live with children but probably not very ickle people .... ones that would like to pull and prod me and I have met my foster mummy's German Shepherds who are cat savvy so leave me to it, so I could live with dogs if they are well mannered and let me get my confidence to say hello first. I would make a great addition to any household. I also would like a home with safe outdoor access once I have settled in.

If you think I might fit in to your lives please fill in the application to adopt form here .......................................

27.05.19 KYLE, male, 2-3 years old
Neutered, wormed & flea treated
Three legged. Has had dental.

Yo guys, my name is Kyle and I am looking for a very special home. I came into the rescue as a stray feral cat who had a problem with my leg. I went to the vets and after tests for this and that including cancer (I was clear on all the tests) they said it was peculiar and that I had a bony growth and also that as I was in a lot of pain they would have to remove my leg.... OH HOLY HECK... that was a bit drastic I thought, but after I had the op oohhhh what a relief. I found I could walk again properly without the leg dragging I was free to move around as I pleased and the best bit after I recovered was that there was no pain. It took me no time to get used to being a tripod and I have adapted so well, its like I never had a leg there.

Now this is where it gets a tad complicated lol, as I said, I was a feral but all this time being here and being pampered I quite like the odd stroke and fuss, but only on my terms, although I am getting better. I would need a home with an escape proof garden or a catio to help me build my strength and confidence and so I don't get myself into trouble. So if you could give this roustabout a chance, please fill in the application to adopt form here...................................
Adoption fee applicable.

09.06.19 RESERVED

27.05.19 ASLAN male, 3 years old
Neutered, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Hey lovely people, I'm Alsan and I am looking for a loving home with a family to call my own...... a furever home!
My story is a sad one :(
I was let out to go for a wander and had a lovely day visiting all my animal friends, they say time flies when you are having fun and it does, so I raced back home and got back just at my normal time but the door was locked, I could hear no TV and I meowed and meowed but still no one let me in. I heard a neighbour say "Poor cat, why would you move out and leave it behind?"
I sat for ages but it was getting dark and cold so I found somewhere to curl up. The next few day I went back to the house but no one was home and I came to the conclusion I was now a statistic ... one of the thousands of cats thrown out, abandoned and discarded every year. I was hungry, in the rain I got wet and I hated sleeping on smelly bits of rag and paper.
I wandered round till I got to a factory. The people there were very kind to me and started bringing me treats and cat food so I decided to stay a while and became their mouse catcher ..I got love and strokes every day......
One day I had a bit of a punch up with a local feral cat and he bit my bum, it got very sore, so thats where The Animal House Rescue came in and off I went to the vets. It was an abcess and while there they neutered me OH!!! I wasn't expection THAT!
I had to stay inside to make sure the abcess was cleaned and I had my medicine. WOW!!!!! inside was so good after all this time and my foster daddy Steve looked after me, now I have moved to another foster family to see what kind of home would suit me best, but it will be one where I can chill out in comfort, and where I will get all the cuddles I have missed while I was on the streets. If you would like to meet me please fill in the application to adopt form here..................

30.04.19 - NALA, female, 18 months
Spayed, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Hey guys its little miss independant here, looking for my furever home. I love my strokes but not being picked up but I am learning all about fusses every day.

I came into the rescue pregnant and shortly after went into labour and I delivered 6 babies, I was a purrrrfect mama and loved my little family but now my babies are ready for their homes too and I have been spayed so the rest of my life will be all about me and my hooman family. 

I love to just hang out and chill with you or catch 40 winks in a soft, warm bed.

I'm more of a people pussy cat. I'm not keen on other cats or dogs and would prefer a home with older people with no kids but apart from this I don't ask for a lot, just to know 
that you love me as much as I will love you is enough. 

If you think you could offer me a loving home, please fill in the application to adopt form here.......................

Adoption fee £65

30.04.19 - PUSS, female, approx 6 years
Spayed, microchipped, flea treated & wormed
**5 weeks free insurance**


My name is Puss and this Puss is a very sad puss :( you see my little heart is broken because my daddy can't look after me any more. My daddy needs more help to look after himself and has moved into a hooman rescue where I cant go as he is poorly and so he did the hardest but bestest thing he could do and got me back to where he adopted me from so he knew I'd be safe.
I was in this rescue when my daddy found me and he fell in love with me and we have had 5 wonderful years together.
I would sleep on his chest and we would have cuddles, I was his little shadow. I miss him so much but I know he also is safe and looked after.
So now I need a new home where I will be pampered and loved. I am purrrrfect in every way, a very in your face huggly, tickly whisker kisses girl, I'm a proper lap cat and I will follow you around when you are about.

Once settled and I feel safe I would love to have access to the outside as I love to go mooching but be warned I will bring you presents back so no squeeeeemish tummies lol. I don't like dogs and have never lived with cats and to be fair what me and my daddy had was special and had all that we needed so it was ok for it to be only us. I am ok with kids as long as they are older and treat me gently with love. No hustle and bustle households as I'm used to the quiet and peaceful lifestyle.

Do you think you might have a me shaped hole in your life, if so please fill in the application to adopt form and if we match it would be wonderful if you could help my heart heal and be full of love again.

Adoption fee £ 65

12.04.19 Lilly & Poppy 7 weeks
Available in 10-12 days time
Wormed & flea treated

Hello peoples, we are two litter sisters that would like a home together with human slaves that will promise to luvs us furever and ever. In return we will look after you, we will snuggle up for luvs when you are feeling content, we will give tickly whisker kisses and will play chase and silly games to make you laugh when you are sad and when you are bored we will keep you entertained for hours.

We love our food and our sleeps in a comfy bed, but we are early birds and you will hear us paying with our toys in the morning so lots of balls, feathery toys and furry mices (not real ones ..yak). We like to play zoomies and jump out and shout BOO! 

Then when we are all tuckered out we will curl up and snooze the day away bit if you sit down we are back for cuddles.
If you think we may be the ones for you, please fill in the application to adopt form here.....

06.04.19 - RESERVED

27.03.19 BILLY, 5 years old
Neutered, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Hi my name's Billy and I need a place of my own.
I am a stunning boy and once settled in I am a relaxed laid back dude. When I first went into my foster home I was as you can imagine a little scared, so I spent the day behind the sofa, but my inquisitive side got the better of me and I came out to have a look around and check out the peeps that live here. Sofa is really comfy and I use it to lie on and look all cute and that and then I get tummy rubs lol they fall for it every time

I'm not phased by the the cats that live here although we haven't had a chat yet as I'v been much too busy monopolising all the fusses.  The dogs here are OK too but I gotta learn the lingo to say HI first.  I love looking out of the window watching the world go by dreaming of my furever people. I do hope its not too long, I have a lot of love to give, so if you think you might like to meet me, please fill in the application to adopt form here..........

Adoption fee £65

27.01.19 MARTINI 2.5 years old
Spayed, microchipped, flea treated & wormed

Hi guys, my name is Martini and I am a very friendly in my own space where I feel secure. I came in and I was like a feral but I worked extra hard at not being scared and became a brave girl, of course I still get spooked easily but I'm a work in progress, I just need gentle persuasion and an understanding family that will give me a chance. I need a quiet home with someone who will work with me and at my own pace. Somethings I like somethings I don't ...between us we have to work out what all those things are, but we can do it together because I rather like human company even if its not all hands on.
A couple of times I have forgotten myself and got a bit over enthusiastic and have given my foster mum a love bite when being fussed but it was an accident honest. It wasn't painful at all but if I forget myself again it might scare kids so over 12 children only.
I am still very warey of strangers even though I am ok with my foster mum so I need work here too.
I love to play on my own with any small toys I can throw around.
I do try and get your attention but I have no miaow, I tried really hard but it just comes out as a gravelly squeak but can do a lovely chirpy sound when she wants fusses.
I would love to be an only pet as I don't want to share any special times with my new family...
If you think you have time and a big heart to work with me and offer me my furever home please fill in the application to adopt form here...............